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2023 April

  • We came back to GeekFight looking for revenge, but our (my) D&D and WWE knowledge fell short.

    Rounds were:

    1. Returns and Revivals - 8pts
    2. Adapted Works - 16pts (Joker)
    3. D&D - 4pts. Miserable, especially since if we were thinking straight we might have managed as high as a 7 here
    4. Music - 3pts. Their selection of mashups and covers continues to confound us
    5. Sequels and Spinoffs - 6pts
    6. WWE - 2pts. Lol this went about as well as I expected.

    At least we managed to tie for 2nd this time, within striking distance of the winning team, an improvement from last time's 5th place.

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2023 February

  • Geekfight returns to live quizzes after a 3 year hiatus! We attended the quiz at a new venue: Hobby Stadium.

    Rounds were:

    1. Pokemon - 7pts (We're not really into pokemon, so this is way above our expectations!)
    2. NBA - 2pts (Our sports guy hasn't been in the country for a long while, so this is about par, maybe a bit below expectation)
    3. Magic: The Gathering - 18pts (I confidently used our Joker here, knowing it would be easier than the Marvel round. Annoyed at the key art question that I missed!)
    4. Marvel - 7pts (Two of my misses I would never have been able to answer, but I am again annoyed at myself for forgetting the name of the Hellfire Gala!)
    5. Philippine Sports - 4pts (Had low expectations here as well)
    6. Music round - 2pts (We flubbed this one badly, we just didn't know a lot of the tracks involved)

    We only finished 5th out of 7 teams, although it was a pretty close fight. The winning team was only 6pts ahead of us!

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