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2013 - Books and Games

It’s the end of the year, so it feels like a good time to look back at the books and games I’ve gone through in 2013. I guess it’s my lack of focus really but my reading rate has really gone down over the past few years, I guess in favor of TV, comics and games. (I guess comics count as reading too, but I’m talking about full-length novels. For 2013 as far as I can tell I only finished reading the following novels:

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I wrote some stuff about Vita vs 3DS in a Reddit post, I thought I’d expand on it here. I have access to both a first-generation 3DS with ambassador status (this is actually my brother’s but he doesn’t use it much) and a PS Vita which is only a couple of months old.Β I use the Vita a lot more because reasons: The screen is very very nice, especially compared to the 3DS screens.

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As much as I support this post, I’m afraid it’s not really going to do much to change the minds of those who feel really entitled to it. They are too blinded by nerdrage to understand what this chart means, I say just let them rant it all out and ignore the multiple threads about it, until ME3’s release date when the rage subsides as they enjoy the game.

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They need to deliver the game to the console guys (Microsoft/Sony) for certification months before the release date (I believe for ME3 it was submitted for certification in January). So your suggestion is that even if they have a chance to work on additional content earlier, they should NOT do that at all? Like, just have those guys work on the old republic or something?

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Posted on r/gaming: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, PS3 or PC?

So I’ve tried both the PS3 and the PC demos. The PC version looks better, but the control scheme seems clunky for the keyboard/mouse (the loot dialog doesn’t even seem to have any keyboard shortcuts) and better for the controller. I’m also not too thrilled that the PC version required me to login to my EA account. Any feedback on the full version, is it ok, better than the demo?

Anything else I need to consider in weighing PC vs PS3? Do we expect mod support? Also, if I buy the retail version (off the shelf copies are a lot cheaper than digital downloads where I am), will it be for Steam or Origin or Neither?

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Are you suggesting that r/gaming should be filled with posts begging for stuff? You’re not the only poor gamer you know.

r/gaming is not averse to giveaways, but the supply of people who can giveaway stuff is a lot less than the people who want stuff, so it’s more acceptable to post a thread giving away stuff than begging for stuff

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Jan 2012

Posted on r/gaming: Giving away $5 Amazon promo code, must be used today Jan 31

Here’s the list of games the promo applies to:

I don’t have anything to get on this list (I would’ve gotten Shogun Total War if the price had dropped more =/), so I’ll just give away the code.

First come, first serve: PHHK-VJGNQ6-F7QGAL

Instructions: To redeem your reward, simply visit in January 2012, click “Buy and Download”, and enter your promotional code at checkout to receive $5 off your game download.

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