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2005 October

2005 September

  • Final Fantasy VII -- Advent Children

    A friend of mine said, "It's for die-hard fans only." He's right. Luckily, there are roughly seventy trillion die-hard FF7 fans. And I doubt they will be disappointed. Advent Children is a DVD-movie about the events that happen two years after the events of the game. Some of the story-related parts might get you a bit sleepy, especially if you weren't particularly fond of the whole Reunion/Jenova/planet thing from Final Fantasy VII, but that's okay because... ... the actions scenes are flat-out spectacular! Seriously, the fight scenes from the trailer were incredibly cool, but the ones that you see in

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  • Games -- World of Warcraft

    It may very well have been a mistake. Buying and installing World of Warcraft on the first day of my leave, that is. Now I spend some 3-4 hours daily on the addictive beast. It's hard to stop! In case you haven't heard, World of Warcraft is Blizzard's MMORPG take on it's famous RTS series, and it's one helluva good game. It looks excellent, the gameplay is terrific, people don't seem to be assholes, etc. The only real downside is that it's hard to stop playing! Blizzard seems to have hit the sweet spot of the mythical RPG spiral: you

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2005 August

  • A hundred pirated games

    My brother estimates we have at least a hundred pirated copies of PS2 games. (Please don't lecture me in any way on piracy, I've said my piece before.) In any case, we have spent at least ten thousand pesos (roughly two hundred american) on pirated PS2 games. And out of those hundred copies, some games we have two or three copies of (due to the problems generally associated with illegal copies); Out of all those pirated games, I'd make a conservative estimate that at least 20 games were actually playably good. We got good playing time out of them, and

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2005 April

  • Games: Suikoden IV

    Well, I thought I'd write about Suikoden IV before I forgot all about it. I finished it around Holy Week, but haven't bothered to go through again, even though I promised myself I would try since I did not get the magic number of a hundred and eight stars of destiny this time around. Curse my pride for not reading any FAQs while playing! Time is short, with work and all, so I should make the most of my games so I don't need to re-play them. Suiko 4 has big steps to fill. The first two Suikoden games gained

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  • Games: Timesplitters III

    I'm not much into FPS titles, but over the past couple of weeks, my bro Alvin and I have been playing the occasional game of CTF or Zones in Timesplitters III (via split screen on one TV of course.) The last time I got into an FPS game multiplayer was when Mon, Dave, Paul and I would do a four-way splitscreen on a single TV with the PS port of Quake 2. Insane I know, but fun. Timesplitters is like that, and since I'm expectedly not-so-good at these types of games, the challenge level is just about right for Alvin

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2005 March

  • [Originally posted to the GameFAQs message boards] Now, there are rude and annoying people everywhere, especially on the internet. And normally, I don't care, I just ignore them. On, I just let them be, and keep on playing. Every so often however, some guy comes along who just pisses me off completely. So I play random 3v3, right? It's not the most "skillful" type of battles, but it's fun and I enjoy it. My record's nothing too good to look at, but I wouldn't call myself a newb. I play a game, I get a team with a lvl

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  • Movie-ID puzzle

    Boing Boing: Movie-ID puzzle: name the films in these disembodied scenes Hint: One of them is "Trading Places" That's the hardest one I got so far, after about ten minutes of answering. πŸ˜€
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2005 February

  • Games: Legend of Zelda -- Minish Cap

    The last Zelda game I played (as in, to the end) was Link To The Past, and I think it was on David's old SNES. Or it may have been on ZSNES, I'm not entirely sure anymore. Before that was the first Zelda, which I actually finished on its original console! Seems that the years have been kind to the Zelda formula: Octoroks and Tektites on the world map, Bats, Skeletons and Wizrobes underground, Boomerangs and Arrows to throw about, Pieces of Heart to collect, Swords, Bottles, hidden passages, name it, it's all here. I miss Dodongo though. :p One

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  • Games: Why Sony's PSP will suck

    GearLive: Why Sony's PSP will suck I'm not actually particularly interested in the PSP, but this article is interesting and has quickly convinced me that the PSP will in fact, suck. As a handheld platform, I think it's pretty hard to beat the GBA. I'm already thinking of buying one, as it would give me access to all those great Nintendo franchises [0] in their pure 2D forms, without me having to buy a different console. Because honestly, consoles suck, I wouldn't want to maintain one. Not that I don't like my PS2, the games are great and all. But

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  • Some thoughts on piracy

    I tried to play two PS2 games today: Spiderman 2 and Naruto -- Narutimate Hero 2. I knew we had pirated copies of both. Spiderman 2 -- failed. The PS2 wouldn't even play the disc. Instead it made a wonderful churning noise that made me quickly hit the eject button. This is Sony's best form of copy protection: In my experience, our PS2 can only play somewhere between 30% -- 50% of all pirated discs out there. I don't know... it may just be our PS2 model. Sometimes if I particularly like a game, I will buy 2-3 pirated copies

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2005 January

  • Games: 40-year old cabbie is a MMO Player

    Khan-fusion and a cabbie tale -- Cool story on INQ7 about a 40-year old cab driver who plays popular MMORPGs here in the Philippines. Goes to show how well MMORPGs like Ragnarok, MU, etc. are doing locally. Even though they're not considered "big" compared to American giants like Everquest and World of Warcraft, they've definitely captured the Pinoy market quite well.
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  • RPGamer -- News Bulletin -- Namco, Capcom Combine Forces to Create Sim-RPG Wow. I mean, wow. The game will feature playable Namco and Capcom characters apparently, and not just from RPGs. Street Fighter RPG! I'd play it. :p Note: This is the first time I'm using Blogger's BlogThis! feature. It's neat. Edit: They've got screens ! Morrigan finally gets a new sprite!
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  • This game is the third and last installment of Tri-Ace's venerable space opera science fiction RPG, spanning across three consoles [0], and it's a good finish. I finished the main story just before the year's end [0]. But I've still been actively playing it, going through the bonus dungeons [0] The fact that I finished it, and the fact that I am still playing it, and the fact that I am still planning to finish it on both of the higher difficulty levels, all of these facts speak volumes about how good this game is, given that I don't have

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  • w3chart

    Someone asked for this on the GameFAQs forums. w3chart is a program to analyze Warcraft III replays. I don't know if my copy is old though, it doesn't seem to have a version number.
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2004 November

  • Web-Based Games

    The evolution of the web as a gaming platform seems to be coming along lately. With games often serving as pioneers into new frontiers, I believe this is merely signifying the trend of software products transforming into services instead of commodities. Anyway, what I mean to say is, I've been spending quite some time with web-based games lately. Mostly it's the fantastic and funny web-based parody RPG Kingdom of Loathing, which I've mentioned before. After a brief respite, I'm getting into this game again, having started dabbling with PvP, playing (or trying to play) the market, and going after the

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  • I've Been Busy and Wizardry 7

    ... or maybe just distracted. After putting in some fifty hours over a four-day period last weekend, I thought I'd cool off for a few days, doing nothing but what needs to be done, and some surfing and sleep when I get home. But I'm back! And I'm going to get my gaming groove on! I got a new copy of Star Ocean: Til The End of Time, hopefully this one's a good copy, I haven't tested it yet. I'll play it this long weekend (Monday = RP holiday, start of Ramadan); I will finish another PS2 RPG, I swear!

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2004 October

2004 September

  • Dear Content Producers and Owners: We lied to you. In the golden 80s and 90s we told you micropayments and content protection would work; that you would be able to charge minuscule amounts of money whenever someone listened to your music or watched your movie. We told you untruths which we well knew would never work -- after all, we would've never used them ourselves. Instead, we wrote things like Kazaa and Gnutella, and all other evil P2P applications to get the stuff free. Read the full original entry. Found via boingboing
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