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2020 January

2019 December

2019 November

  • Review: The Outer Worlds

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2019 October

2019 September

  • A Tale of Two Backups

    Despite my desktop PC being generally more stable after the events of the Great Memory Scare of 2019, I was still encountering occasionally crashes when playing games. And by crash I mean the displays dying although the PC continues to run for a short while thereafter and after which they proceed to apparently stop operating completely. It only happens when playing games, and most often when playing Magic Arena and sometimes (rarely) when playing Starcraft 2 or Borderlands 2. Given that I didn't want to try swapping out the video card just yet, and I had already tried doing all

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  • MTG Arena: Thoughts on Historic

    Magic Arena's community was in an uproar this past weekend over the latest state of the beta, mostly over the announced plans for Arena's eternal Historic format that will become relevant with the coming rotation. It's likely that Wizards will backpedal in some way in response to the community, but here are my thoughts for now: Historic cards to cost double wildcards to craft This is the universally-reviled bit and has been the target of much outrage, accursing Wizards of being greedy etc. On this point I am in agreement with the community that yes, this sucks. On the other

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2019 August

  • Games: What Remains of Edith Finch

    I might be lending out my PS4 next month when the latest annual release of a sports franchise rolls around, so I figured I'd finish off a PS4 game before the console vanishes on me for a few months. What Remains of Edith Finch came out on PS+ a couple of months ago and people are always raving about how good it is and how it's relatively short, so I decided to give it a go. I went in blind, not knowing anything, since mysteriously no one on Reddit could explain what makes the game good. This is understandably so

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  • The Great Memory Scare of 2019

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  • Fighting Games

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2019 May

  • I remember when playing the original version of Civilization back in the day, the "most advanced" form of government was Democracy, with the only downside of it being you can't declare war (because you had a senate that would stop you.) The other available forms of government were typically not very useful, but Democracy massively increased your trade output, so most often I would build the Pyramids (a wonder which allowed switching to any government immediately and without penalty), and spend the rest of the game toggling between Democracy and Despotism (for when I wanted to go to war). This

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  • Street Fighter Background Wallpapers

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