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  • I've still been playing Wordle since the last time I wrote about it. Still 100% win rate, and currently on 24-day streak (would have been longer, except in early January, I decided to test what would happen if I set my system date to the future since the game uses the client's date). Aside from the OG Wordle, two variants have also made their way into my daily routine (technically four variants, depending on how you count them): Saltong, the Filipino version which I already mentioned in the last post. This one actually has three different variants: there's normal Saltong

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  • Dan Fornace, creator of Rivals of Aether writes: After 8 years of working in fighting games, Iโ€™ve accepted the fact that no matter how โ€œeasyโ€ you make your game, pros will absolutely demolish new players. Well-known fighting game Youtuber Maximillian talks about the casual appeal of Guilty Gear -STRIVE- and expands a bit on the above: I think there is definitely a serious learning curve when it comes to fighting games. They're typically difficult for the uncommitted casual gamer to get into. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be learned: inputs, commands, matchups, systems, etc. I mean, I've

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  • Finally finished #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses, or one run at least! Doing the other two might take a while! #NintendoSwitch

    And yes, I could have gotten a much better screenshot from the ending I suppose, but I'm too lazy to go back and get one lol

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2020 December

  • Time passes yet again. I think I have to get used to not having much personal stuff to report in the weeknotes on certain weeks (aside from the watching/gaming parts), especially given the pandemic where I'm at home 90% of the time. Speaking of the pandemic, the UK started vaccinations last week, and the US FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine as well, so hopefully this is where things start to turn around. Sadly, it may be a while before vaccinations get widespread, especially here in the Philippines. I'm hoping things clear up by mid next year for us here, but

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