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  • 🔁 Repost from Emily Marie Williams:

    I absolutely love this.

    Edit: Okay so I deleted the Facebook app on my phone last night because I was getting bogged down by not knowing what’s next for me having just graduated from college, but I had to come back when I realized the kind of traction this was getting.

    I got my degree in Communications and got minors in Global studies and political science because I think there’s nowhere near enough conversation happening in our world. It’s way easier to polarize groups of people, and take part in what Rene Girard called the “scapegoat mechanism” when we’re talking about “them” and not “us”.

    I posted this series of tweets because I really enjoyed this story and it inspired me (being the daughter of two educators and someone that considers herself a global citizen), and I thought I had lots of friends that would enjoy it too. But since it’s gotten so much attention, I feel responsible to encourage all of you to follow this user on Twitter (he’s great, and has a lot of insights that I would never consider on my own), and identify concrete ways that we can help people in this position. Social media is a wonderful tool, and “slacktivism” is often helpful, but we can’t stop there.

    Here is a list of organizations that help immigrants and refugees:

    Here is where to register to vote:

    And if you’re already registered, here is where to find out where you can vote:

    This whole thing has renewed my faith in the power of stories, and given me hope for my future as a professional communicator, and for our worldly community.

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  • 🔁 Repost from Robby Eccleshall:

    These transformers kids were amazing!!

2017 January

  • Alternative facts! Kaya ba umattend ng inauguration si Andanar, to take lessons? Or siya ang nagturo sa team ni Trump? Lol

    Quoted News And Guts's Facebook post:

    We know the Trump team loves the term "fake news," now will their new term be "alternative facts?"

    This morning on Meet the Press, Trump advisor KellyAnne Conway defended press secretary Sean Spicer's "news" conference about the inauguration's crowd size. Despite Spicer having made numerous points that could easily be disproven by photos and video of the event, Conway said Spicer had it right. She said he presented 'alternative facts.' Chuck Todd rightfully challenged her and pointed out that alternative facts are not facts, they're falsehoods.

    But even more alarming was in the same interview, Conway said, if this type of coverage of the Trump White House continues, they are going "to have to rethink our relationship with the press." It is becoming clear that President Trump's ongoing war with the media (his words, not ours) is not coming to an end anytime soon. There are some who believe undermining the public's trust in the media is a finely-honed strategy of the new Administration.

    And clearly, many who voted for Trump already have trust issues with the press.

    Regardless, less than 48 hours into his presidency, President Trump's relationship with the press remains as adversarial as ever.

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