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2019 May

  • If you had told me six years ago that Nancy Binay would be the best one among the incumbents in 2019, I'd have laughed your face off

    Quoted roytang's tweet:

    How do senatoriables with stronger track records justify running in the same slate as Nancy? Can't remember any rushing to defend her. #fb

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  • Rd 1 0-2 loss vs abzan (mull to 6 and mull to 5) #GPLondon

    Rd 2-0 win vs rg monsters (mull to 6 g1) #GPLondon

    R3 2-1 vs abzan control (almost went to time) #gplondo

    R4 2-1 win vs abzan megamorph (mull6 in g2) 3-1 overall #GPLondon

    R5 0-2 vs abzan megamorph 3-2 overall on the bubble again =/ #GPLondon


    R6 0-2 loss vs temur dragons in close games. And I'm out :( #gplondon

    I'm out of #gplondon at 3-3. Sigh, too rusty and too many bad plays. Performance getting worse at each succeeding gp!

  • That mini panic attack when you've just stepped out the front door and cant find your keys for a second #fb

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