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2015 May

  • Previously: Overview | Barcelona Part 1 | Barcelona Part 2 | Rome and Vatican City | Rome Part 2 and Paris Part 1 | Europe trip photo album This series of posts has taken longer than I thought it would, and I grow weary on it. We'll cover things a bit faster from here, less of the daily stuff and we'll stick to the highlights. This will be the final entry! Sunday March 15th This Sunday we took a long walk to visit the famous Louvre museum (why go to Paris and not see the Louvre). The French person behind

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  • Previously: Overview | Barcelona Part 1 | Barcelona Part 2 | Rome and Vatican City | Europe trip photo album Friday March 13th This was our last day in Rome and we were planning to visit the Colosseum and the nearby Palatino Hill. It was a long walk and we passed by a few palaces and the usual open plazas, many of the landmarks identified by Egpytian obelisks placed there by the Roman emperors. Rome is chock-full of cobblestone roads and plazas lined with souvenir shops and pizzerias and buildings fronted by 12-foot-high steel doors with large lion-head knockers and

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    Bubble Guy -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
    The view from atop the Centro Comercial de las Arenas -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
    Maria Reina Church in Barcelona
    There's a mess of tunnels underneath what used to be the Colosseum floor - they raised up animals using trapdoor platforms from this level

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2015 April

  • Previously: Overview | Barcelona Part 1 | Barcelona Part 2 | Europe trip photo album Wednesday March 11th It's early in the morning when the shuttle picks us up to take us to the airport for our flight to Rome. When we first planned the trip a few months back, only Spain and France were on the itinerary. But due to a last-minute change in circumstances, we decided to add Italy to the trip. We had also acquired a railpass and were planning to travel by train between Spain and France, but given the change of plans we decided to

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  • Previously: I went to Europe, decided I should tell you more about it and started talking about Barcelona Monday March 9th For today, we had decided to visit Park Güell, a Barcelona tourist spot created by this old-timey big shot to display the works of well-known Catalanion architect Antoni Gaudi. I say "well-known" but I'll be the first to admit that my culturally-ignorant self had not heard of him before, but he's kind of a big deal in Barcelona with many souvenir shops sporting some thing reminiscent of his works. My travelling companions seemed to know what they were doing,

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  • My previous post only skimmed my trip to Europe. I did not want to write too much, partly because I was uncertain at how many would be interested to hear the sordid details and partly because while I was writing the post, the words did not flow as freely as I would have wanted. Despite this, I have received good feedback and more than one person had asked for more details. So here we are. Saturday March 7th My first impression of Barcelona (and hence my first impression of Europe) was that it was a very… brown city. Most of

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2015 March

  • My friends know how stingy I am with money, and my family knows I'm not much of a tourist, so some might have been surprised that I took the better part of two and a half weeks off from work to travel around Europe with a couple of friends. It was my first trip outside of Southeast Asia and the first time I took a long haul flight. Other than my concerns regarding the possibility of my luggage getting lost, the trip was relatively smooth and the Singapore Airlines plane had relatively decent food, service and in-flight entertainment. The first

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    Sunflower garden at changi
    Not to be confused with the Arc de Triomph in Paris. This one is in Barcelona
    Koi pond at changi
  • Yay nakauwi na! (@ Tandang Sora in Quezon City, Metro Manila)

    Europe Trip complete!

    Number of countries visited: 5

    Total distance flown: 18,227mi / 29,333km

    Total number of steps walked: 171,970

  • I'm at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) - @fansofchangi in Singapore

    Just spent the last 12 hours hurtling through the air at 30,000 feet up in a large metal tube. With peanuts.

  • Uwian na! Bye Lizbeth Jane Garcia~

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    Panorama from the Eiffel Tower summit

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  • Visiting Europe makes you appreciate how inexpensive food in the Philippines is

  • After visiting the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Versailles I kinda want to play Civ again

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    Apparently billiards was big back in the day
    Chapel inside the chateau
    The hall of mirrors
    Dont put Descartes before the horse

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    Notre Dame

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  • This airport blocks steam and wut

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    Tonight's dinner... I can't explain what it is

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  • Just a few random shots. I don't take too many pictures, refer to Ryan and Liz for more pics. Barcelona - Rome - Vatican City - Paris

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    St. Vincent de Paul (blurry)

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