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2021 December

  • Early pre-christmas Masters today in @EternalCardGame! Also, I think my first Masters in expedition. Now I can relax until end of the year. Or maybe consider going for double Masters with Throne?

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2021 October

2021 September

  • Early master rank (for me) this month on @EternalCardGame , despite scrubbing out at the Throne Open last week. Let's see if we can't finish high again this month.

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  • Didn't manage to hit Mythic in Arena last month, but I did manage to hit the @EternalCardGame leaderboards for the first time (I'm no. 21 on the throne list!)

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2021 July

  • Couldn't sleep, decided to grind some @EternalCardGame instead, finally hit Master rank after a long drought, just before the end of the month too. I think it's been an even longer time since I've had both Master in Eternal and Mythic in Arena!

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2021 May

2020 October

  • Despite not having played Eternal since before the pandemic, after reading this tweet from LSV, I signed up for the event he described and got the 7 wins and qualified for the LCQ in the first try. I used Skelle's decklist from here:

    I'm having fun!

    Quoted lsv's tweet:

    This is the perfect time to get into Eternal - you can try any deck you want, you've got a high-stakes tournament to play in, and there are lots of resources in the article for decklists, strategy guides, and more. I'm really hype about this, and would love to see what you think!

    @EternalCardGame should I have gotten some kind of token from these prize chests? How can I verify that I'm qualified for the LCQ?

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2020 January

  • I’ve been playing @EternalCardGame for a while now, but today I finally got my Wolfsbane card back c/o @thepchapin, thanks!

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