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  • I don't need further convincing on his platforms. Most are ok, some might not scale or be practical on a nationwide level but are worth a try.

    But I'm not going to vote for him unless he categorically states he has never been involved in nor does he condone any illegal killings and will bring such perpetrators/vigilantes to justice

  • As I mentioned in a separate thread, one of the things that I find most scary is the fanaticism and unquestioning loyalty of the Duterte supporters online. The attached photo is a sampling of comments in Carlos Conde's post that contained links to reports from various international organisations regarding the DDS killings. (Carlos Conde's original post:

    The comments read worse than a Youtube comments section, with responses typically: 1. assuming anyone who is against their candidate is automatically either a criminal or a paid hack 2. advocating murder and/or rape or some other form of violence against anyone who disagrees 3. pointing to other problems (saf44/mamasapano) as if the existence of those problems makes this one any less problematic 4. assuming it's a demolition job meant to derail Duterte's campaign (which would be more believable)

    I'm not saying all Duterte supporters are like this, but his campaign isn't going to garner much support from social media moderates like me if majority of the supporters argue in this manner. Ganito ba ang discussions sa Davao? Is this the kind of mentality we can expect under a Duterte presidency?

    (And can someone enlighten me on the "Imperator Obesiosa" reference? I have no idea what that is supposed to be)

    (I am also mildly annoyed by the "Du30" thing, parang ang jejemon lang lol)

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