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2020 January

2016 June

  • I was re-watching the GOT finale... ...and near the end of the episode, Jon Snow had assembled an army, then he did something evil to summon an ancient dragon god. And Bran was shouting at him "JON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" but Jon was shaking his head "It's done!" And it was really loud, with lightning and thunder all over (it turns out I was hearing the rain in real life), and the dragon god was huge, like a building, it descended from the split heavens and it looked like Bahamut from Final Fantasy. As it descended it was chanting YOU HAVE LOST TO YOUR DOOM... ...then I woke up!

2014 August

  • Today's WTF dream: I dreamt that I was doing code review for a newbie to our project and it turned out that the newbie was a white-haired old caucasian guy, and he was having trouble with integrating his create screen with our workflow engine. I saw what he was doing wrong and was about to point him to the documentation that tells him the correct function calls to make but then he pulls me aside and whispers, "You have to talk to me VERY SLOWLY. It takes me a while to understand all these technical things" and I was like "Oooookaaaaay"

2012 March

  • So I took a train trip to Bicol via the Bicol Express. I was really impressed with the cheap fares, the speed of the train and the excellent service and convenience at the station. It had cost me less than a hundred pesos for the entire trip and I didn't even need to bring my wallet or anything (though I had my id). I was back home by the evening of the same day and gushing about how great the trip was. Then I woke up and found that it was just a dream. That was so disappointing =/