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2019 October

  • "The price for being the best is always having to be the best" - nanny ogg, lords and ladies

    Quoted dhh's tweet:

    Remember when “working real hard” had a goal? Like getting out of a shitty situation, so you could stop wearing yourself thin. Now the prize for “working real hard” and making it big is that you get to “work real hard” forever. Hustle culture sucks.

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2014 April

  • This week's book was Mort (from the Discworld series). I've read the first few Discworld books, and some of the random later ones, but I figured I should start reading them in order and maybe I'll be finished sometime before I die if Pratchett slows down a bit. I also have a couple of unread physical books in the series, but they're a bit ahead of the sequence. The Discworld books are quick reads anyway (I finished Mort in around three hours while doing other stuff), so it shouldn't take too long, hopefully...

2006 May

  • Sometimes it's frightening to consider the existent of how much popular culture consumes our time. Most weekends I usually manage to reserve some time for some sort of learning, but over the last 48 hours, aside from work, my time has been swallowed by: Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett Episode 21 of Smallville Season 5 Episodes 18 and 19 of Simpsons Season 17 8 hours of Suikoden V gameplay ... and probably 2-3 odd hours of watching random cartoons or wrestling on TV Hmm... I forgot to watch a movie though. At least I'm not a complete TV zombie...

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2006 March

  • Books I've finished reading in the past few months: Rapid Development by Steve McConnell -- I was browsing through my company's small library of development books and found this little gem among the usual language-specific tomes. A bit old, but I know from Code Complete that Steve McConnell really hits in the mark with regard to software best practices. This book is aimed mainly at technical leads — coincidentally, that was my role at the time. I picked up a lot of good ideas, hopefully I can start to make some interesting changes in the place I work at. Pragmatic

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