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2006 November

  • Dark Tower VII

    What a long, arduous journey it has been for Roland of Gilead, last gunslinger, in his inexorable quest for the Dark Tower. And now that I've read the final volume of Stephen King's magnum opus, I find out that it is an even crueler fate that awaits him at the end of the seven books. I dare not spoil it, though Wikipedia has a nice summary, say thankya. Save to say that Stephen King seems to be correct -- the ending of the Dark Tower series does seem to be the "correct" one, despite some disappointments in writing. All in

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2006 October

  • Dark Tower VI -- Song of Susannah

    I was holding off on buying the sixth installment of the Dark Tower until I could find a printing which matched the previous five books, but as I was browsing through the new Fully Booked at SM North I felt a compulsive urge to buy *something*, and lo and behold, Stephen King was on the shelf right beside me! As usual, the tale of Roland and his party on their quest for the Dark Tower is quite the page-turner, especially since this particular piece of fiction intersects with the real world in an intruiging way... the author himself, Stephen King,

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2005 September

  • "There will be water if ka wills it." -- Roland of Gilead I had a Powerbooks gift certificate the other week, and the Powerbooks at Megamall happened to have a sale, so I took a look around. And lo, I was lucky enough to find a copy of the fifth book of Stephen King's epic western fantasy, The Dark Tower. It was a huge book, larger than my copies of the first four, but with the same cover style and by the same publisher, so it was the copy I wanted. I spent less than a hundred pesos on it.

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2005 March

  • Books: Dark Tower series

    "I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my Eye. I do not shoot with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my Mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my Heart." --The Gunslinger's Catechism I've finished books 3 (Wastelands) and 4 (Wizard and Glass) of Stephen King's amazing Dark Tower series. The sprawling worlds travelled by

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