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2021 March

  • Winter Soldier #sketchdaily 85/365 #procreate #Marvel #comicbooks

  • Wandavision Spoiler-free Review

    #WandaVision spoiler-free review:

    • Overall, I really liked it, and I think they did well with the one-episode-per-week format. The show certainly would not have been this hyped if it all came in one drop
    • Really difficult to not spoil. If you have somehow avoid being spoiled by the internet until it all dropped, good for you!
    • A very emotional story of Wanda dealing with the aftermath of Infinity War/Endgame
    • good usage of the sitcom tropes
    • fantastic performance by Elisabeth Olsen
    • lots of fan service for comic book fans to dig into. Maybe too much even; don't overthink or overhype it to yourself
    • most of the episodes have something like 5-6 minutes of credits. Episodes 7 and 8 have a mid-credits scene. Episode 9 has both mid and post credits.

    Looking forward to Falcon and Winter Soldier next!

2021 February

  • Action Comics #1 (1938) / Superman and Lois S01E01 (2021) #comicbooks #comics


2021 January

  • Web of Spider-man (1985) no 1, Spectacular Spider-man S01E12, Spider-man 3 (2017) #comicbooks


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2019 April

  • Promised Neverland and Dr. Stone

    Many of the manga series I used to follow from long ago have since ended, the only ones still running now are One Piece and Hajime no Ippo. So I thought I'd follow some newer ones. Here are some short reviews: The Promised Neverland I picked up this one due to a strong recommendation from someone I follow on social media. The premise starts out with some super smart kids who grew up in an orphanage without any knowledge of an outside world. Suddenly they find out that not all is as it seems and that they are actually captives

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    # / / blog / #manga #comics #pop-culture / Syndicated: twitter / 930 words

2019 March