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2022 April

  • One of the Wonder Twins turns into a bucket of water just so Aquaman can be splashed lol

    Justice League (2018) no. 65 #comicbooks

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2022 February

2021 September

2021 April

  • Falcon and Winter Soldier review (with some spoilers): more action-packed and straightforward compared to Wandavision, jumping straight into the action from the get go some great performances here, especially from Sebastian Stan (Bucky), Wyatt Russell (John Walker), and Daniel Bruhl (Zemo) Bucky and Sam have great chemistry, even though they start out annoyed at each other pacing is a bit odd at times; feels more like an extended movie than a weekly episodic series (especially compared to Wandavision, which took advantage of the weekly format really well) although a complete story by itself, this one felt more of a setup

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2021 March

2021 February

  • Action Comics #1 (1938) / Superman and Lois S01E01 (2021) #comicbooks #comics

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2021 January

  • Web of Spider-man (1985) no 1, Spectacular Spider-man S01E12, Spider-man 3 (2017) #comicbooks

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