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2019 September

  • MTG: Trying out pauper

    I am aware of the existence of Pauper as a format in MTG, but I never paid too much attention to it before. A couple of weeks ago, a friend pointed out that I might enjoy playing the recent Jeskai Nuneca decks that had become popular recently. I checked out a sample decklist, and you bet I jumped at the chance to play Mulldrifters again lol. We set about to gather the cards. Since we almost never sell cards, even draft chaff, we had most of the cards available already. The only exception was red elemental blasts/pyroblasts for the sideboard

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  • MTG Arena: Thoughts on Historic

    Magic Arena's community was in an uproar this past weekend over the latest state of the beta, mostly over the announced plans for Arena's eternal Historic format that will become relevant with the coming rotation. It's likely that Wizards will backpedal in some way in response to the community, but here are my thoughts for now: Historic cards to cost double wildcards to craft This is the universally-reviled bit and has been the target of much outrage, accursing Wizards of being greedy etc. On this point I am in agreement with the community that yes, this sucks. On the other

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2018 December

  • MTG Arena

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2018 November

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2017 February

  • Review: Duelyst

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2016 May

  • Hearthstone vs MTG

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