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2023 May

2023 March

  • I think I found this book via a recommendation somewhere and just dug into it assuming it would be one of those productivity / self-help books about making the most of our scarce time on this world. It turns out it's actually more of a philosophy book about accepting our all-too human limitations, emphasizing that we can't do everything we want and we can't control the future. I enjoyed the book a lot, so many parts of it just spoke to me and I found myself nodding vigorously and highlighting quotes liberally. It addresses one of my great weaknesses: my

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2023 February

2022 December

  • Found some old John Grisham #books among my shelves. They look well-read, but I do not remember the plots of these books at all! It's probably been at least 20 years since I read them! I think the only Grisham book I do remember reading and still vaguely remember the plot is The Firm.

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    John Grisham books - The Client and The Partner

2022 November

2022 October

2022 September

  • I already read the first Mistborn trilogy back in 2017. Happily, Tor ebook club recently gave away the next three books in the series for free, probably as a bit of promotion since another Mistborn book is scheduled to come out this November. The Alloy of Law is the first book of the so-called Wax and Wayne subseries for Mistborn, set some 300 years after the end of the first trilogy. The world and society of Scadrial is now in a kind of western / steampunk era, and the book opens with our protagonist hunting down outlaws in the fringe

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2022 August

2022 June

  • I have had a busy week; lots of errands and family activities and some stuff I don't care to talk about publicly. And for some reason I feel more exhausted than normal. Maybe just old age? Regardless, I don't have any world news or links for today, so I think I will eschew the usual format I've settled into for these weeknotes. It's good to wander off once in a while, after all. A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers I suspect this review will be a good chunk of this post. This is a short novella, a bit

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2022 May

  • A whole new month just crept up on us huh. I don't have anything particularly witty to say at the moment. The World Putin's invasion of Ukraine is now in its 10th week. No end in sight. Not sure if it's worth it to continue tracking this here since this may go on for a while. PH/Politics: One week remains until the elections on Monday the 9th. It's the homestretch! There was some kind of Baby Marcos-aligned sortie near our house last night. I briefly considered buying a tomato. I wrote a short note about my thoughts for the last

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2022 April

2022 March

2022 February

2022 January