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2022 May

  • A whole new month just crept up on us huh. I don't have anything particularly witty to say at the moment. The World Putin's invasion of Ukraine is now in its 10th week. No end in sight. Not sure if it's worth it to continue tracking this here since this may go on for a while. PH/Politics: One week remains until the elections on Monday the 9th. It's the homestretch! There was some kind of Baby Marcos-aligned sortie near our house last night. I briefly considered buying a tomato. I wrote a short note about my thoughts for the last

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2022 April

2022 March

2022 February

2022 January

  • Decided to kick off the year's reading with a short one: The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. This was her first published novel and also the first appearance of famed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot! I was able to finish the book in one sitting, something I haven't done in a while! I've only read two other Poirot books, and this one obviously came earlier in Christie's career. While it's still reasonably good, I found the pacing not as tight as those other two books. I guess it's mainly because those other two books took place in restricted environments

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2021 December

  • Finished reading this today. An entertaining enough read, basically gives a high-level overview of humanity's history, the different revolutions (cognitive, agricultural, industrial, etc) we went through and what tradeoffs each one made for society and the individual. Covers how ancient humans were subject to the whims of nature and biological limitations, how modern humans are on the cusp of overcoming those limitations and becoming gods themselves, and how we got there. Here's some stuff I highlighted: 2: The Tree of Knowledge Ever since the Cognitive Revolution, Sapiens has thus been living in a dual reality. On the one hand, the

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2021 November

2021 October

  • Finally managed to finish The Three-Body Problem this week, despite the recent challenges. It's a very... interesting novel at the very least. CHaracterization isn't super strong, it's one of those novels where the focus is on the world building and how it affects society and humanity at large. It's nice to have a decent sci-fi story that isn't so American centric though. The story revolves around two main characters: Ye Wenjie, a Cultural Revolution-era astrophysicist who was able to secretly establish contact with an extreterrestrial civilization called Trisolaris, and Wang Miao, a modern day applied physicist, working in nanotech, who

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2021 September

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2021 July

2021 June

  • Linchpin: Are You Indispensible? is a 2010 book by Seth Godin. The book's primary thesis is that in the modern world, you have to avoid being a conforming, replaceable assembly line worker, and instead be a linchpin, someone who is indispensible, someone who goes the extra mile, who invests emotional labor into his work and his art. The book covers topics such as the problems with the "old way" of working, what it means to be a linchpin, the resistance from your lizard brain, gift culture, connection, the importance of shipping, etc. He summarizes the book as: All I wanted

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  • After reading a couple of Hercule Poirot mysteries, I decided to try an Agatha Christie book from outside that series. I found that And Then There Were None was one of those commonly appearing on lists of her best works, and the concept intrigued me: Ten people are invited to an island and get trapped there and then murders start to happen. Kind of hard to talk about it without spoiling too much (and what I've said might already have been spoilers!). It's one of those things where the whole setup seems super contrived and way too clever for it

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2021 May