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2021 November

  • Supergirl had their series finale last week; the usual big superhero fight affair with a heavy-handed focus on "empowering people" typical of the series and relying on Supergirl making a big speech to inspire everyone in the world. Ended with a lesbian wedding, so go diversity. Wasn't a big fan of this season, waaay too much magic and time spent in the phantom zone and such. The last part was basically them chasing a set of McGuffins each with different rules that let them do a different gimmick with each episode and gave Kara an excuse to have another inner

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2020 January

2019 December

2019 May

  • If you're like me and aren't really familiar with the season posters, and have trouble remembering which season is which, here's a guide:

    S - Arrow2 (Slade), Arrow5 (Prometheus), Flash2 (Zoom), Legends3 (Mallus)

    A - Arrow1 (Malcolm Merlyn), Flash1 (Reverse Flash), Legends2 (Legion of Doom), Legends4 (Neron), Supergirl4 (Lex Luthor)

    B - Arrow6 (Diaz), Arrow7 (Emiko), Flash4 (Thinker)

    C - Flash3 (Savitar), Flash5 (Cicada), Supergirl3 (Reign)

    D - Arrow3 (Ra's al-Ghul), Legends1 (Vandal Savage), Supergirl2 (Daxamites)

    E - Supergirl1 (Astra/Non/Indigo)

    F - Arrow4 (Damien Dahrk)

2018 December

  • Don't get me wrong, the Arrowverse has its faults, but after #Elseworlds I'm seriously about as excited for next year's crossover as Avengers: Endgame, and that's something!

  • Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover spoiler-free review!

    - if you’re not aware, episode 1 - Flash S05E09, episode 2 - Arrow S07E09, episode 3 - Supergirl S04E09
    - I don’t usually review TV show crossovers but TBH I can’t recall any other any TV show crossovers and I just really, really enjoyed this one
    - basically a love letter to DC comics fans, a celebration of dc comics/TV/movies from the past four decades, and apparently a prelude of things to come. Non-comicbook fans might not be as happy as me lol
    - all three episodes were great (middle episode slightly worse because Arrow lol), I was smiling all the time and apploauding all the references

    - frankly not everything made sense, but I’ll forgive it (I mean, have you *read* crisis on infinite earths? lol

    - bonus: for more zaniness, also watch this week’s Legend’s of Tomorrow, they didn’t want to be outdone!

    - I also watched Aquaman today, and that was fine (review later) but I decided to write a review of this crossover first!
    - tonight’s reading list (image attached)

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  • Lol the #Elseworlds crossover is great but @TheCW_Legends sure had their own fun!

  • #Elseworlds episode 2 slightly worse because it's Arrow lol. But still pretty great, lots of Easter Eggs for DC fans

  • I feel like Batwoman's hair should be more RED THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN

    Quoted DCComics's tweet:

    Batwoman leaps into action TONIGHT on @CW_Arrow! Here's everything you need to know about the hero ahead of #Elseworlds Part 2: #DCTV

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