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18 Oct 2019

“The price for being the best is always having to be the best” - nanny ogg, lords and ladies

Quoted dhh’s tweet:

Remember when “working real hard” had a goal? Like getting out of a shitty situation, so you could stop wearing yourself thin. Now the prize for “working real hard” and making it big is that you get to “work real hard” forever. Hustle culture sucks.

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17 Oct 2019

When you find yourself tempted to spend money on frivulous things just remind yourself that unfettered capitalism and commercialism are bringing about climate catastrophe

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16 Oct 2019

15 Oct 2019

Please watch this excellent closing statement by @chrislhayes

To stand up this way against his bosses at NBC News is remarkable

I should note what makes this even more remarkable is Andy Lack (NBC News Chairman) isn’t a big fan of Chris/his show

Chris is stepping out here

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14 Oct 2019

13 Oct 2019

12 Oct 2019

(Note: This post discusses the traffic situation in Metro Manila. I’ve had this post in the works for a while, and it kept getting longer and longer (possibly my longest post to date). I also had my friend David review it first to make sure I wasn’t saying anything too ridiculous, and he and I discussed some of the things and some of his points made it into the final post.

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11 Oct 2019

After watching Joker and Scorsese recently commenting on Marvel movies, I thought I’d watch one of his films, so I saw Goodfellas today. It’s not bad.

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10 Oct 2019

Re:Blizzard/HS/China. I fully understand that a lot of people wouldn’t want their esports to be inundated with politics, especially if it’s not even their own country. Nevertheless, the penalty was too heavy-handed, and we must remember that neutrality favors the oppressor

Also: Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time!

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Me: “Ma, may ruler ka?” Ma: “Kailangan ruler? Pwede tape measure?” Me: “Hindi, ruler” Ma: “Sige, meron ako hanapin ko” (Maya maya) Ma: “Kelangan mo pa din ruler?” Me: “Oo” Ma: “Hindi pwede eto?” (shows tape measure) Me: “Hindi” Ma: “Bakit?” Me: “Hindi yan ruler e”

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While you slept, the world changed. I haven’t reviewed any comics on this blog for a while, so today we’ll talk about Jonathan Hickman’s triumphant (so far) return to Marvel: House of X/Powers of X and the upcoming Dawn of X wave of books. Spoilers abound so be aware. Also while writing this I realized how absurd comic books must seem to nonreaders, but really that’s what makes it all fun!

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9 Oct 2019

This hurts. But until Blizzard reverses their decision on @blitzchungHS I am giving up playing Classic WoW, which I helped make and helped convince Blizzard to relaunch. There will be no Mark of Kern guild after all.

Let me explain why I am #BoycottBlizzard

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8 Oct 2019

I’ve had a blog post draft for a few months now on my thoughts about the congestion and traffic issues in Metro Manila and potential solutions, it just keeps getting longer and longer lol

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7 Oct 2019

TIL that “a11y” is short for “accessibility” (the same way i18n means internationalization), and it’s not some weird l33tization of ally

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6 Oct 2019

I should build a bot that analyzes mobile phone screenshots in tweets then replies if the OP needs to charge her phone

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Tag yourself I’m cleric

Quoted ampepers’s tweet:

As promised, tag yourself meme for #roguelikecelebration! I am definitely a Druid in this case, slipping into Wizard frequently (see ranting talk I just gave 😅)

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5 Oct 2019

A post about making a guy making an archive of his twitter data made the rounds lately, so I figured I should make my own post about my ongoing efforts in this regard. I mentioned in an earlier post that I like being able to use social media to dig through my own history. But as the first link above says, these social media sites can go away since nothing lasts forever.

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4 Oct 2019

Aside from Joker, I also watched Stuber today, mainly because the ads for this kept showing while I was in the US and it reminded me of Deadpool and Dopinder. Not a very deep movie, but a fun watch. I have no choice but to rate it 5 stars!

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