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I have been working professionally as a software developer, technical lead and solution architect since 2003. I am based in the Philippines. I have a wide variety of experience with different languages, frameworks and databases, primarily Java, JavaScript and Python, though I am very open to learning new technologies. I can work well in a team setting, in a leadership role, or as a solo developer. I communicate well, I learn quickly, and I always strive for excellence in my work. I am available for consulting opportunities. I prefer remote work.


2019BodiesApp - Technical Consultant
2016-2019Maroon Studios - Solution Architect and Technical Consultant lead
2016-2019Healthblocks - Solution Architect and Technical Consultant lead
2016-2018Various freelance projects
2003-2015Azeus Systems Limited Philippines - Senior full stack developer and technical lead
2001University of the Philippines Diliman - Graduated BS Electronics and Communcations Engineering
DomainsWeb services, Government projects, Social care, Finance, Healthcare, Blockchain
SpecializationSecurity, Performance, Accessibility, Systems Integration, API Development, Data Analytics, Reporting, Mobile (iOS and Android)
LanguagesJava, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, HTML, CSS
FrameworksDjango, Flask, Laravel, React-Native, jQuery, Spring, Wordpress
DatabasesSQL, Oracle, MarkLogic NoSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JDBC, ODBC
OSes and WebserversWindows, Linux, MacOS, Apache Web Server, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Application Server, Jboss
ServicesAmazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Alicloud
StandardsAccessibility (WCAG), Infosec (ISO27001), HK Gov (HK OGCIO), UK Gov (UK Data Protection Act)

Career Details

2019 to present
  • BodiesApp - Technical Consultant
  • Consulting on development of a multi-tier system including mobile clients, web platform and API backends
  • Working with globally distributed development and testing teams
2016 to 2019
  • Maroon Studios - Solution Architect and Technical Consultant
  • Healthblocks - Solution Architect and Technical Consultant
  • Various small freelance projects
Technologies and Frameworks used:
  • Node.JS + Express
  • MarkLogic NoSQL
  • PHP + Laravel Web Framework
  • Python + Django
  • Python + Flask
  • Multichain
  • React Native
  • WordPress customisation, themes, and plugins
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) setup and deployment
  • Alicloud setup and deployment
  • Blockchain (Multichain and Ethereum based)
Notable projects:
  • Ambertime Coin - blockchain wallet and services platform
  • Ticket2Me - online ticketing platform
2003 to 2015

Azeus Systems Limited Philippines - Technical Lead and Full Stack Developer

Project Involvement
  • Major involvement in 12 projects for various departments of the Hong Kong Government, including the HK Police Force, Department of Justice, Customs and Excise Department, Social Welfare Department
  • Major involvement in 3 projects for the London Borough of Camden
  • Major involvement in 3 software products developed in-house
    • Coral Presenter (Powerpoint to Flash Conversion tool)
    • Azeus Convene (Corporate meeting platform)
    • AzeusCare (Social Care System targeted primarily at the UK government bodies)
  • Technical consultation work in many other projects within the company
  • Projects within the company are certified with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 5 compliance
Roles and Responsibilities
  • System Developer (from Jan 2003 onwards)
    • Coding/implementation of client-side forms-based programs, web-based systems, system reports, interfaces to third-party systems and other programs
    • System deployment and troubleshooting, diagnotics and resolution of problems in live systems
  • Technical Lead (from Oct 2005 onwards)
    • Lead developer for multiple project teams ranging in size from 4-50 software developers and testers
    • Responsible for system architecture and framework design and implementation
    • Provided support for coordination work, task management and allocation for the development team
    • Conducted mentoring, code reviews and performance reviews of junior developers
    • Conducted risk management activities, including assessment of technical risks and evaluation of technical options
    • Conducted assessment and tuning of system performance problems, both during development and in live systems. This includes both application server performance and database-level (SQL) performance
    • Responsible for high-level supervision of development cycle, including ensuring efficient build and deployment processes
    • Responsible for managing security risks in the system, including making sure developers are aware of security-related best practices and adequate framework support is provided to minimize security-related problems. Includes preparation and coordination activities to ensure system compliance with 3rd-party security audits
    • Responsible for ensuring system compliance with various standards as required by the client systems, including but not limited to:
      • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for accessibility concerns
      • ISO27001 Information Security Management
      • IT Standards of the HK Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (HK OGCIO)
      • UK Data Protection Act
  • Other roles
    • System Analyst (from Oct 2005 onwards): Design and review of implementation of various client requirements; writing functional specifications and database design; on-site consultations with clients and technology partners to discuss requirements and iterate on implementation details. On-site locations include London (United Kingdom) and Hong Kong
    • Presales Consultant (from Apr 2008 onwards): Responsible for drafting technical replies to client tender requirements for presales purposes and consulting on costing and estimation concerns
    • In-House Organisation Trainer (from May 2004 onwards): Prepared organizational training materials and conducted training sessions for new hires on the following topics: SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, JSP, Java Servlets, Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Skills, Programming Languages, and Tools used
    • Web front-end languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Java, including J2EE, JSP, Java Servlets, Java Applets, Web Services
    • Visual C#
    • Adobe Flex and ActionScript
    • Objective-C for iOS mobile applications
    • Android SDK for Android mobile applications
    • Python scripting
    • Oracle RDBMS usage, administration and management
    • Web server platforms: Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Application Server, Jboss
    • Third-party platforms: Liferay CMS, Alfresco CMS
    • Legacy systems: Oracle Forms and Reports, Borland Delphi, Powerbuilder 6.5
Other skills (outside of work experience)
  • Unity Game Development Framework

Education Attainment and Certifications

2001College of Engineering, University of the Philippines - DilimanBachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering
2004PhilNITSJapan IT Standards Examination (JITSE) Certification
2012Oracle Certified ProfessionalJava SE 6 Programmer

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