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May 2013

You are confused. The bonus from giant growth does not yet exist at the time your thaumaturgist ability resolves (since the giant growth has not yet resolved). Therefore the creature dies.

Layering does not interact with the stack at all; the stack if for spells and effects currently being played to determine in what order their effects happen. Layers determine how different type of effects combine.

To put it another way: The stack resolves effects one at a time so that they can change the current state. Layering tells you what the current state it when multiple effects have changed it in conflicting ways.\n

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Some people I know (big comic fans) were disappointed at the Mandarin build-up then the let-down reveal. I dunno, I was kinda fine with the deception.

I felt like the second half of the movie was way too predictable.

Did Tony Stark just utter a bunch of gibberish to get Happy Endings Max to climb to the top of the van and tweak a screw on a satellite dish?

Apparently it’s all right for Pepper to wear the armors (one of them at least, and a hand or two), but Tony can’t spare one for Rhodes because “they’re all coded for me”

How did two Mark 42 parts make it out of the garage while the rest had to bang against the door to get a kid’s attention?

I watched this movie more than a week ago, so those are all I could remember right now. I thought it was okay, but not “best in the trilogy okay”.

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Apr 2013

Most books are released on a monthly basis, but they don’t all come out on the same week, so usually a different set of books comes out every week.

For Marvel, some of their books double-ship, meaning they come out twice a month (sometimes more). I think DC is fairly regular with their monthly schedule. You can check the links in the OP for a list of what books are expected to come out this week and most of those sites will have schedules for the next few weeks/months as well.

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