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Aug 2013

Are you asking about the concept of comic book universes in general or about what universes Marvel has specifically?

Marvel has an infinite number of universes (all of them together comprise the Marvel multiverse), as opposed to DC which has only 52 universes. Each universe is usually identified by a number.

The main Marvel universe in which most of the Marvel comic book stories have taken place is commonly referred to as the 616 universe.

The other universes most active right now are the Ultimate universe for the Ultimate Comics line (I forgot the exact designation for this universe, it's 16xx I think) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I believe this is designated universe 199999) for the Iron Man/Avengers set of movies.

Edit: Here is a list of known Marvel universes:

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Procedural generation is a form of random generation; except that when you say procedural generation, you expect that there are more rules than just randomly putting any set of results together.

An example of procedural generation would be map generation in games like Civilization. If it were completely random, you would often see ice areas near the equator or next to desert areas or other such tile placements that make no sense. Instead it's procedural, there's certain rules followed like for each type of terrain, there's a given probability that it will be beside this other type of terrain, and there are other rules and algorithms to ensure things like continents or achipelagos form well.

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Jul 2013

I'm 30+ years old, and I play my 3ds or Vita everywhere, on the commute, when in line for anything, while waiting at a restaurant, etc. I don't really care what other people think. :p

Best story, during one of my commutes I was riding in a shuttle type thing with people sitting on every side of me and I had my DS (this was maybe half a decade ago) playing this tower defense game Ninja Town and I was in a dire situation and had to activate this power which required me to blow into the DS to activate it. To the uninitiated it must have looked really weird, but what the hell, I went ahead and blew as hard as I could into the DS that day. No fucks were given, lol

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