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@okstephenbye yeah, I said it was great! But Iris/Barry-Oliver was handled a bit better than Felicity/Oliver-Barry, and parts of the Gotham sequence didn’t really make sense, but it was great

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@mlq3 if its just changes to wordpress navigation and archive pages like the ones I recommended above, i can probably take a look sir, maybe next weekend at the earliest. wag lang po yung tipong redesign ng site, i’m not a designer :)

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@mlq3 @noelledeg Hm, would it be better to have an index page that lists the post titles ordered chronologically? Something like the attached, so that visitors can scroll easily to find specific time periods

@mlq3 Might want to reduce archive lists to either title only or title+excerpt. For example if I click the tag douglas macarthur the resulting page will show all the content of all the posts with that tag, making it difficult to scroll through

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