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Jun 2016

A high-pitched bell rang out a couple of times as I stepped into the diner. Outside had been slightly chilly, the first hints of the coming winter lingering in the air. Inside I gratefully took off my cap and laid it on the counter as I sat down and waved over at the middle-aged lady brewing coffee on the other end.

“Fresh pot? I'll have some if that's alright. And any bacon and eggs you have,” I found myself saying, surprisingly famished. The woman turned as if seeing me for the first time. I spied a name tag against her faded yellow uniform, in gilded letters it spelled out “DOLORES”. With a surprising assertiveness I followed up, “As quickly as possible please Dolores.”

Dolores’ raised her eyebrows. I'm unsure whether it was because of my unusual order or because of my impertinence, but regardless she turned to the little window behind the counter and whispered something indistinct, I suppose to whoever needed to cook my bacon and eggs. She took her time waddling over with her freshly brewed pot of coffee and poured me a hot cup. She spoke with a long, drawling voice. “So, who you running away from honey?”

This time I was the one to look surprised. My eyes quickly darted around the diner, near empty at this surely ungodly hour. The only other patron was a skinny old man at a booth on the far end, slowly going through what looked like a faded newspaper.

Dolores smiled a knowing smile. “It's not rocket science hon,” She gestured with her mouth to the parking lot outside, in the direction of the van I had been driving for the past seven hours. “You drive up here a bit past midnight in a big-name delivery van, the kind that don't do deliveries at this hour.” She put the coffee pot down and waved her hand over my face, “Your eyes are tired and your clothes are rumpled and you smell like you've been in that van for what, half a day now?”

“You're awfully perceptive aren't you,” I retorted back without thinking, “For a waitress at an all-night diner?”

“It's not tha

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Genghis Khan:

More Procreate. Having colors is nice, but it takes up way more time than a pencil sketch does, which is way more time than I want to spend on a sketchdaily, so I didn't bother finishing and cleaning up this. I probably won't do this procreate thing too often

Edit: Actually, if there's anyone else here who uses the Procreate app on iPad, I'd appreciate some advice: Is there a way in the app to get the exact color I used at another part of the image? It would speed things up a bit

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May 2016

Self-portrait attempt:

I'm not really an artist as such, but most of my sketches have been posted to tumblr:

I also have a blog (I don't really post about art):

Also, follow me on Twitter, for no reason!

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I think the face looks fine. For the hands, I would guess that it starts with not getting the wrist part right (where the hand joins the arms). I try to place the back of the hand first before adding the fingers, so that I know the fingers will end up in sensible positions. Take a picture of what your own hand would look like in the given pose then use it as reference.

For proportions, I think the sketch looks mostly ok, although the legs might be a bit too short. You can try using one of those figure drawing outline thingies (I forgot the term, there was a sketchdaily for them a while back), just google “figure drawing outline”, it acts like a guide to tell you what typical body proportions should be

I'm no expert or anything, but I hope I was helpful!

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I couldn't tell who it was sorry :( I always find portraits of real-life people difficult to get accurately (maybe I'll attempt Nathan Fillion one of these days too)

Aside from the eyes, I find that the shape of the lower half of the face particularly on the left side of the image feels quite different from the original. The smile is a bit wider on the original too.

Good luck!

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