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Oct 2019

I went 5-2 running Bant Golos. My wins were vs Monoblack aggro, Monoblack vampires, two Golgari decks (one conceded after I Treachery’d his 6/6 Questing Beast), and I forget what the other one was (definitely not monored or the mirror)

Losses were to mono-black aggro (I had the realm-cloaked giant for the wrath, but failed to notice I didnt have two white and played the wrong guildgate the turn before) and to the mirror (I got 2 field of the dead first, but he had kenrick and agent of treachery + teferi to take my fields =/)

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Sep 2019

Hi! This demo is great! I’m new to procreate so I’m still learning the features.

I wonder if you could give me some advice. One thing I learned here is that there is a feature like when you draw in a circle then hold the pen in place for a bit, it will automatically “smooth” the circle. However, when I tried doing this, I can’t get it to work consistently. The main problem is that I have unsteady hands, so when I hold the pen in place to do the smoothing, there is often still some slight movement so I guess this is why I can’t trigger it consistently. Would you know if there is any workaround or alternative for someone like me?

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Aug 2019

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