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Time to go watch a star war!
Shouldnt have walked into kfc #sketchdaily
Random doodles from last night, trying to get back that #sketchdaily mood
I often prefer having a randomly changing background wallpaper, even back in the day when Windows didn't support it natively and I had to install various plugins to support it. I like the variance! The one I've been using recently was this set of wallpapers based on Street Fighter stage backgrounds, which I got from a reddit thread that I unfortunately can't find anymore (I'll update this post if I find it later). In the meantime, I thought I'd share: (I also took this opportunity to install a Hugo gallery plugin for this sort of thing. Credits to Hugo Easy
Twinferno! #transformers
All-New X-Men #2 covert art by Stuart Immonen
Final boss? #sketchdaily
For the past month, most of my gaming time was spent on the Steam version of Tales of Berseria, which I got from a Humble Monthly Bundle back in 2018. Summary: One of the best entries in the Tales series. Has fun combat, a great cast, a darker story and a really good aesthetic. My notes: I'm a big fan of the Tales series of games, ever since Phantasia on the SNES and Destiny on the PS1, and I take the opportunity to play them whenever they come out for a console I actually have. I'm especially a fan of