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Rurouni Kenshin? Why yes, that makes perfect sense #Netflix #NetflixPHShows
@talk2GLOBE whats up with class 0 messages spam, can you do anything? Its more annoying than the normal sms ones
I always get annoyed at the poor subject verb agreement of this notif
idontevenhaveone: tahneetalks: fluffmugger: thetrippytrip: We should be more pro-active or we’ll see more of such sad fates of honest people. And the utterly ironic thing is I’ve seen repeated tumblr posts of that iconic photo absolutely slagging the shit out of Peter Norman as “lol white guy so uncomfortable” “Why the fuck isn’t he supporting them”, etc etc. As an Australian this post surprised me. I knew none of the above. Spreading for Australian awareness <3
Inktober 2020 day 31: CRAWL I always put far too many webs on that costume. Also, I managed to crawl my way through all of #inktober2020 without missing a day, go me! Official prompt list:
Lost in the finals of a trial today at GP seattle. Here's the deck I built from my mediocre pool, if that interests you. Hopefully I have better luck in the main event #mtg #MFSeattle
Cloud racing #sketchdaily
Ccs lunch at burgoo