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2021 January

Pancakes! 5/365 #sketchdaily
"What, I thought you liked rocks!" #sketchdaily 4/365
One Piece has hit chapter 1000!
Underwater 3/365 #sketchdaily
PSA: if you keep your timeline in "latest tweets" mode (click sparkly blue icon on top right of app) you will have a chronological timeline and never have to see what your follows like. I always forget that's a thing since I never see it
Snacktime! 2/365 #sketchdaily
Tryna get back into it #sketchdaily #SpiderMan
Timely. #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses #NintendoSwitch

2020 December

#medianoche is early this year as well. Happy new year!
Last-minute mythic on #magicarena to close out the year. #mtg Eternal is close to Master Rank too, but I don't think I have the energy for it. Honestly, grinding to Mythic takes too much time, so maybe I won't push it so hard in 2021. Or maybe just in December lol
Apparently I was suspected of being a robot.
We’re doing #nochebuena early this year. Merry Christmas everyone!
This has to be one of my most satisfying Words with Friends plays
A new thing arrived! #pickups
700! #Duolingo
Every new @MTG_Arena patch brings new gifts
@visakanv It kind of bothers me that the first tweet in that thread says “2019 tweets”. I know that refers to the quoted 2019 thread, but you otherwise typically start your threads with context for the rest of the thread
The timestamp on this image tells me I finished the game Nov 7th
Mario doesn't need to wear a helmet on the moon, but this Koopa does