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2006 February

Looking Out Over Punta Fuego

2005 December

I was getting a bit bored with the place, so I spruced it up a bit, switched some colors, moved stuff around. You know, just to pretend something's happening. And to showcase my sorely lacking UI design skills. :p Screenshot captured for posterity: I also cleaned up some of the global files that were being accessed from fateback, since I will eventually drop that host completely. Right now, the external files used by this site are hsoted on my geocities account (which I should also organize/clean up in some way.) For the curious, this site is maintained in several layers:

2005 November

(Cross-post from here.) I think I would've had a good chance to make it if I had started on time though. :(I'm not gonna stop though, I think I'll finish this novel.An excerpt:“I really should organize my stuff more. You’d think someone living alone deep in the woods would have a lot of time to organize, but no, there’s always one thing or another. Squirrels, usually. Silly things keep insisting their friends are nuts! Or the nuts are their friends, something like that; I never was very good at understanding their chitter-chatter, most of it is about nuts anyway. I
One of the panels from Marvel's House of M (second issue) made me think so... I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.Context: Mutant scientist Hank McCoy and human scientist Henry Pym were discussing the moral issuess surrounding Henry's isolation of the mutant gene.

2005 October


2005 May

I only had three tasks laid out for me this weekend: Watch season 4 of X-men Evolution. I realize that X-men Evo was not as popular as some of the other superhero series such as Justice League and Teen Titans, but I mostly like it anyway. It's more of a light-hearted version of the X-men universe , really. (Presidential hopeful Senator Kelly of canon is merely Mayoral hopeful Principal Kelly here!) It gets campy at times, but hey, Adam West's Batman was the epitome of campiness, and I enjoyed that too. This task was successfully accomplished. Fix the home network

2005 February

eBay -- Xbox Millennium Falcon It's a heavily modified X-box made to look like the Millenium Falcon! I'd buy it, but it's a PAL version =p via BoingBoing via izreloaded

2005 January

We have a giant hammer prop at home. Made out of a stick and some cardboard (I think). Naturally, we bash each other with it. There are only four things I think of when I see this hammer: Those carnival things where you need to use the giant hammer to ring the bell Triple H The Paladin in Warcraft III Thor That is all.

2004 September

This is one of my favorite desktop wallpapers, I've used it several times, I always like bringing it back: However, I always forget where I got it from. It's from RPGamer's Theme Central

2003 December

The Captain's Hat