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2012 November

This week's biggest issue was Amazing Spider-Man #698. With three issues before the series finale and Dan Slott hyping up the ending arc and still keeping a tight lid on who may be taking over Peter's role in Superior Spider-Man in January, I was really excited to be able to read the first part of the final Dying Wish arc. Doctor Octopus is dying! But before he does he pulls a whammy on our favorite wall crawler. If you haven't been spoiled by the internet before you read it, the big reveal near the end of the issue comes as
Well, at least no one will every accuse him of being unpatriotic.
Bacon-loving astronaut #sketches
liznugentdrawsmagic: I’m sure everybody nobody has been waiting for me to do a rendition of Tibalt! FOREVER ALOOOONE
Quite possibly the most ridiculous rakdos draft ever: what do I cut?!?

2012 October

Late night cheese snack (I'm now one of those people who takes pictures of food)
Posted on r/pics: Our printer was acting up, so we got the best tech support possible

2012 September

Posted on r/pics: This is the whiteboard our development team uses at work
@aleksfelipe check out the prize pack contents
Speaking of comics, here's my favorite panel this week: (avx spoilers)
Ankle high waters on edsa right in front of mega
Um well okay, if you say so…
Posted on r/magicTCG: Not sure if it was a waste of time to sort these...

2012 August

No idea if All New X-Men is going to be any good, but I really like the currently available preview cover.
Sup spelldashers.
@EkaJade bakit mo ako tinatawag na mommy

2012 July

Babysitting #fb

2012 May

Posted on r/pics: Reddit, let's draw anything currently in your line of sight! Here's the left half of my desk at the moment
p1p1 in mtgo cube: what's your pick?

2012 April

My plans for the weekend