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2019 October

No #inktober for me today because reasons, but our quiz team did win the #popquizph and #geekfightph crossover! We won some swag and also Mystic Vale! #boardgames
#inktober2019 day 14 overgrown #inktober #sketchdaily lol so i found these colored markers and thought i could use them to show like a jungle-y area overgrown with vines but these lines are way thicker than i expected so this was way better in my head. A…
#inktober2019 day 13: ash #inktober #sketchdaily I briefly considered just having the dragon burn all three so that the series is finished but instead here they are falling into a ravine lol
2nd ELD draft. This archetype is great (maybe until the bots find out about it), but I only went 6-3 due to a misplay #mtg
#inktober2019 day 12: dragon #inktober #sketchdaily
#inktober2019 day 11: snow #inktober #sketchdaily i thought about ending the series thing with the last one and just doing one offs for the rest of the month but here we are
Pretty sweet #mtg arena pulls
#inktober2019 day 10 pattern (a bit of a stretch) #inktober #sketchdaily also i probably overdid the blood
#inktober2019 day 9: swing #inktober #sketchdaily so many panels! and so tiny!
#inktober2019 day 8: frail #inktober #sketchdaily this one didnt turn out as well as i imagined it would
#inktober2019 day 7: enchanted #inktober #sketchdaily I retconned wizard dude to have glasses
#inktober2019 day 6: husky #inktober #sketchdaily
#inktober2019 day 5: build #inktober #sketchdaily 😴
#inktober2019 day 4: freeze #inktober #sketchdaily this one is coming in late because i was busy. in case my drawing was too terrible, that is supposed to be a person encased in ice (presumably because of stepping on a freezing trap)
#inktober2019 day 3: bait #inktober #sketchdaily If you’ve been following along and you think I’m trying to make this a series and that I have a plan for where this is going, you are only half right
#inktober #inktober2019 day 2 mindless #sketchdaily
#inktober #inktober2019 day 1: ring #sketchdaily

2019 September

I ate at Nathan’s the other day. Pretty good, but you’re still basically paying US price for a hotsog
I ate at Nathan’s the other day. Pretty good, but you’re still basically paying US price for a hotsog
My #mtg arena beta stats email finally came in. 437 packs opened isn’t too bad for a f2p account, considering I was able to build a few top tier standard decks and even hit mythic once.
Did an #mtg eldraine paper prerelease as well today Went 3-0-1 with this pile
Did an #mtg eldraine paper prerelease as well today Went 3-0-1 with this pile
Went 5-3 with my first Eldraine sealed. Not bad, but not very good either =/ #mtg
2 of my losses were to Garruk and Oko so ¯_(ツ)_/¯
From the linked article:
Quoted berkun’s tweet:
 “This is what kind of species we are: we are stupid, we are negligent, we are tardy. But on the other hand, we are adaptable, we are smart and even as things are falling apart, we are trying to stitch them together.”
SSHD came in today, looking good so far
I just found out that my most upvoted reddit submission is the Denise/Denephew joke and that’s super on brand. for reference
Previously on quiz night
I am almost certainly going to regret this lol
Today in science
So I remembered that I once used an app to make a font patterned after my own handwriting (). For fun, I tried to see what my website would look like with this font. OMG, this is why I don’t like handwritten notes lol
Quoted roytang’s tweet:
 I totally had more important things to do, but it was there so…
Quick doodle. Sam and Bucky. #sketch #comics #marvel
Makati by night
Winner! #popquiz
Trying out some features of #procreate
Digging through some old files, I thought this was hilarious

2019 August

We’re finally free! #mtg #modern
Guido. I was originally gonna draw Hulk, but I realized I could continue the X-Factor theme instead. #xmen #sketch #strongguy
Leaves. This is also a #test #pleaseignore
This cant possibly be a healthy sleep rhythm
Polaris. Back to digital again, and trying out colors. A bit happier with my proportions this time. Now 3 out of 6 of the Peter David era X-Factor #sketch #xmen #polaris
Pizza rickroll. This is a test.
Rainy intersection
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary :waves flag:
an unusual display I saw in a sony store a couple of weeks ago
dear @WordsWFriends please give me the option to disable all of these little events and gimmicks your app has. I dont care for them and they only slow down the app, i just want to play
Chicken kebab
Pietro, whose head looks a bit too small. Cribbed the pose off a Jim Lee Flash sketch. Well, learn from the best amirite? Pencils only this time. #sketch #xmen #quicksilver
This is what I decided to do today
Well, that’s annoying
Well… this is new
ended up having to rollback the windows 10 1903 upgrade from a couple of days ago, was causing too many issues
Found this weird ad on flipboard

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