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  • We have a search application using MarkLogic node.js. We use parsedQuery like this:

                    qb.word('name', qb.bind('name')),
                    qb.word('birthdate', qb.bind('birthdate')),
                    qb.range('count', qb.datatype('float'), qb.bind('count'))

    The above currently supports search syntax like “count GT 50”, etc. We would like to support searching using a derived value such as age. That is, we want to support a search syntax like “age GT 10”, where the age value is not stored in the documents in the database but rather needs to be computed from the birthdate on the fly. We can’t store the age in the documents since the age changes depending on the current date.

    Is this possible and if so, how? If it matters, we are using ML8


  • Play-wise, it’s impossible to predict what kind of decks there’ll be in March, so just practice general tight play for now.

    Aside from that, the biggest difference a large tournament like a GP has compared to an FNM is the sheer length of the tournament. I’m not sure how large GPs in your area get, but I would typically expect 9 or 10 rounds on the first day. If you’re used to just playing 4-5 rounds of FNM, it can get exhausting. You need to build up both your physical and mental stamina. So what I would suggest is playing at other large tournaments near you to start getting used to it. 7-8 rounds should be fine, if you have trouble looking for something with at least 9 rounds. PPTQs and SCG stuff are your best bet, although some stores might have larger GPT events too if they have a large enough playerbase.

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  • SUICIDE SQUAD Spoiler-Free Review:

    • a fun, wild ride. Explosions and gunfire and creepy tentacles abound
    • just don’t expect too much from the plot or characterization. There was more than one scene where I was like WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?
    • I liked the soundtrack
    • very much a Deadshot/Harley movie, other characters not given much back story
    • I still like Ledger’s joker over Leto’s. Leto’s portrayal is like crazy gangster
    • I had no idea who the big bad was going in, so that’s something. Task Force X completely over their heads
    • hard to compare to the other DC movies so far, as it goes in a completely different direction
    • one mid-credits scene, no post-credits
    • magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Probably not. Also, madaming tatanungin
  • Pros: It is a very rewarding career financially. Software development often ranks in the top 10 highest-earning careers in most countries There is a lot of scope – you could be developing web applications, mobile applications, embedded applications, client-side, server-side, data analysis, artificial intelligence, games, etc It is very difficult to be bored. You can always automate away the boring stuff. Different projects always present different challenges. The field is evolving rapidly so there are always new things to learn.

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  • “If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” - E.B. White

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  • Posted on r/ipad: How good is the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil for drawing purposes?

    I currently have the 4th generation iPad (the first one with retina display), and I’ve tried using third-party styluses with them but am never satisfied, it always feel imprecise. I’ve tried drawing with just my fingers and while it’s more precise it also feels a bit more tiring

    I’m thinking of getting an iPad Pro next month. How much better would it be to use the Apple Pencil?

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  • So I’m reading A Game of Thrones, but I haven’t watched the HBO series yet. In my head Tyrion Lannister is the Penguin

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  • Hong Kong Saga, Part Three

    It’s a bit strange, but somehow Hong Kong is becoming a bit familiar to me by now. This is only my third time here of course, and I’ve spent less than five weeks here in total since 2004. Still I find that certain things like ordering at restaurants and riding the MTR have started to become a bit more “normal” for me. Originally when I was told that I would be staying in HK for two weeks, I was a bit depressed, as I didn’t really enjoy the prolonged stay last time.

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