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  • Daredevil Season 3 spoiler-free review

    • This season is amazing. I was planning on watching the season over a period of 3-4 days. Instead I ended up finishing it all in one day, ending at 3 in the morning. The pacing was tight and there was no good place to stop as you always wanted to know what happens next
    • The entire cast gave great performances
    • Wilson Fisk comes out strong to carry the season, looming over Hell's Kitchen and presenting a sinister, cunning, and apparently unstoppable criminal mastermind
    • Wilson Bethel's Ben Poindexter is seemingly unbeatable in combat and gives us some great fight scenes and a fantastic performance
    • Ugh, I wish I could write spoilers lol
    • I used to consider Daredevil S1 to be the best of the Marvel/Netflix seasons so far; I think I have to crown a new champion
  • Capitalism

    In fourth year HS, we had an Economics subject, and back then I was fascinated with the idea of free market capitalism -- the free market, the invisible hand, the law of supply and demand, and the idea that through competition we are forced to adapt and become better and more efficient in order to survive. Capitalism mirrored the law of nature: the strong will survive. These days, I am much less enamored with the idea of capitalism. Not that I disbelieve that it makes us more efficient, but that ruthless efficiency has a cost. Like the law of nature

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  • In my program, I have been receiving an error when I use a command-line compile command for mxmlc. The error is related to an embedded font name not being correctly identified by flex in the system fonts list.

    However, on a whim, I decided to copy the code to Flex Builder and compile it there. To my surprise, it worked, and it found the proper font using the same system name I had given (PMingLiU).

    I suspected my problem may be a locale one, and that my system cannot correctly identify the font name because of locale considerations.

    I've tried setting the locale of the compile code to en_US, to no avail. So I would like to ask if anyone here knows how exactly Flex Builder invokes the MXML compiler and what differences there are compared to running mxmlc directly? We know it's not using the mxmlc.exe directly, since we tried replacing mxmlc with our own executable to capture the command line parameters.

    If it matters, the OS used is Windows XP.

  • C# HTML Font Tag Parsing

    I need to parse a large amount of text that uses HTML font tags for formatting,

    For example:

    <font face="fontname" ...>Some text</font>

    Specifically, I need to determine which characters would be rendered using each font used in the text. I need to be able to handle stuff like font tags inside another font tag.

    I need to use C# for this. Is there some sort of C# parser class to make this easier? Or would I have to write it myself?


2006 October

  • Computer Gaming World

    Awesome thing for old-school gamers -- CGW has made available PDFs of their first 100 issues here. It's fun to read reviews and insights about old games. Ah, and the ads! I like seeing old ads for some strange reason.
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2005 October

  • I Have A Phone! (Nokia 6020)

    After seemingly being the last man in the Philippines without a cellphone for so long, I broke down and bought one a couple of weeks ago. I'd post a picture, but I can't find the digicam, and the phone can't take a picture of itself. The 6020 itself seems pretty okay, although as a phone newbie I really have not much of a basis for comparison. The camera is nifty, but it took me a while to find a data cable for the phone. And now I can annoy people by SMS! (Not that I do, just that I can.)

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  • Idyllic Sundays

    It nevers fails, every week, around 1-2pm on a Sunday. For some unexplainable reason, an overpowering drowsiness steps in, and I must sacrifice 2-3 hours of my time to sleep. it's not a normal sleep either, it's the kind of sleepm that's very hard to break. You wake up it's 4pm, and think "There's some stuff I have to do," but by 5pm you're still happily sleeping. Only happens when I'm at home though (which is most Sundays), and not just to me. Every member of the household seems to take a siesta on Sundays.
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2004 October

  • Firefox 1.0 on November 9

    In case you haven't heard, Firefox, the little browser that could, is scheduled for the official 1.0 release on Nov. 9. There's a large promotion campaign going on over at, including a campaign to gather donations for a large ad of some sort on the New York Times. I'm still using 0.9, despite the availability of 1.0PR, but I'll surely get the official 1.0 come November 9. 😀 BTW, there are some cool Firefox wallpapers available.
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