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Gratitude and wonder

There is plenty of advice about how living a life of gratitude can lead to happiness. And that’s fine, gratitude and thankfulness are good traits to have. But in addition to gratitude, I would recommend wonder. That is, seek out wonder in your life. Put yourself into situations where there’s a good chance of wonder, awe, or amazement. Seek out things that amaze you and make you go “Woah!” You won’t always succeed, but that’s okay, the moments when you do will be worth it.

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Someone on quora asked:

Is life full of unlimited opportunities?

Optimists will say yes. Pessimists will say no. Both are correct.

If you are willing to seek out and/or create those opportunities, then yes there is no limit to the opportunities available to you. If not, if you just sit around all day and complain about how things are bad for you, then your opportunities will be limited

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Someone on quora asked:

How do you create good sidewalks on city streets with a lot of driveways?

It’s something that needs to be part of urban planning from the start. It may already be too late for most of Metro Manila, as urban planning has been virtually nonexistent and land area is a quickly vanishing resource. Metro Manila cities aren’t really planned and more like grown organically and adjusted as needed

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Someone on quora asked:

As a jr software engineer often I feel overwhelmed by the timeframe of the tasks that are given to me. Is this normal?

Maybe. There are two possibilities:

  • you are not yet used to the level of work expected of someone in the industry
  • you are being given too much work in too little time

Think about the first possibility. Are you doing the best work you possibly can? Are your co-workers having trouble with the same level of work? Are you managing your time properly? Are you spending too much time fixing defects or reworking existing code? Is your understanding of the business requirements sufficient or are you making mistakes because of a gap in understanding? Ask yourself these and similar questions to identify areas of improvement to help you cope with the amount of work you need to do

The workload will also vary wildly between companies, so it’s also a possibility that you have the bad luck of being in one of those companies that overwork their developers

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The damage is removed and the giant growth is removed, both at the same time. The important thing is state-based effects (including the thing that checks whether your creature is dead due to damage > toughness) do not check in between; once all end of turn effects are cleaned up, that’s the only time things are checked to see if they are alive or dead. So, the correct answer is (1)

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Tournament was last April 6 2008 at NG Galleria, with 3 formats: Block, Standard and Extended. I was thinking of playing block but shifted to standard at the last minute because I only had one Mutavault.

This was deck I assembled on Saturday:

Of course I went in again with no playtesting. Enjoyment. Tournament report follows.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (NDS)

I obviously don’t have much time for gaming if it takes me more than a month to finish a “simple” choose-your-own-adventure style game like Phoenix Wright. Very entertaining game, it puts you in the shoes of a novice defense attorney, Phoenix Wright and your adventures in trying to uncover the truth behind several murder cases. The gameplay is composed of two parts: investigative sequences where you go around various locations gathering information and evidence, and the actual trial part where you have to spot contradictions in witness testimonies and prove your clients to be innocent.

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