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  • I watched an episode of Batwoman to see what it was like before Crisis, and it was mostly Kane family drama. Unsurprising because:

    Arrow S1: Queen family drama

    Flash S1: Allen family drama

    Supergirl S1: House of El family drama

    This is why Legends is the best one

  • 🔁 Repost from LadyOfSardines:

    To start my history classes this year, we read the Michael Parenti speech, "The Control of History," then I told students, "I am going to describe someone from history, & after I am done, you tell me who it is." 1/?

    Quoted ZinnEdProject's tweet:

    Teach about Rosa Parks' protest in context of her own life of activism (before and after), the decades of protests of Jim Crow on public transportation across U.S. (see list below from 1841 to 1992), the role of Women’s Political Council, and much more.

  • 🔁 Repost from AndiEwington:

    DM: ‘You come to large wooden door.’

    Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’

    DM: ‘An orc opens it and asks you to come in.’

    Cat: ‘I do nothing.’

    DM ‘He asks you to come inside again.’

    Cat: ‘I do nothing.’

    DM: ‘Eventually the orc tires and closes the door.’

    Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’

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