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Wandering through life finding interesting things. Semi-retired (but sometimes I say I'm "freelancing", it's easier for people to understand.)

2023 Week 22

The first week of June was a little bit rainy, though not as much as a supertyphoon would have brought. I think PAGASA already declared an official start to the rainy season?

A Quote

On I wrote:

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes โ€” including you."

  • Anne Lamott

My Week

The week was a bit busy. Last week's weeknotes came late because I was busy through Monday. Tuesday had to get some errands done and had to help my parents prep for a long trip to the province. Got a bit of a respite in the middle of the week, but had more activities Friday and Saturday.

Wrote about how you can write about anything.

Media Diet

  • Gaming:

    • Single player: Still playing a lot of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Switch says I have played it for "85 hours or more", which is surprisingly only 15 hours more than last week's estimate. I guess I really did manage to temper my play time!
    • Online:
      • I tried to hit Mythic rank in Magic Arena, but fell short by a couple of ranks.
      • I am a bit down on Marvel Snap, mostly because I am already series 3 complete and that means I don't get new cards very often when climbing collection level, and that makes playing much less exciting. (I can still get variants, but I care very little for cosmetics!) It is unlikely I hit infinite again, I am so far.
      • Eternal is a bit neglected, but I try to sneak it in every so often.
      • Street Fighter VI came out last week! I preordered the Standard edition from Steam, but so far have only gotten tutorials and placement matches done (I landed in Silver, which I guess isn't too bad?). Then over the weekend, a friend randomly gifted me a PS4 copy as well! (I don't even use my PS4 much anymore!)
    • Also played some boardgames with friends!
  • Reading: Started reading another Discworld! A short one this time, so hopefully can be done soon. Reading a lot of comics still; current reading of Avengers v1 is up to #128 (not a great pace). Feed reader backlog is at a manageable 44 items.

  • Watching: Only one movie watched this week, it was The Mummy (1999). My brother and I were planning to watch the Spider-verse sequel this past weekend, but he had to resched so hopefully we get to it this week, the reviews are so good! And there's also so many shows I want to watch/finish!


This past week (Sunday thru Saturday), Fitbit says I walked a total of 69,879 steps and burned 25,204 calories. This is the first time I have fallen short of 70k steps in 2 months! And it was mostly because of an unexpected rain shower. It's probably fine, since I was up 2k steps last week.

Huh, nothing this week actually. Check out the linkblog for past links!

This coming week

Surprisingly I have nothing special on the calendar this coming week. Hopefully that lets me get back into my daily routines and get some stuff back on track!

Next weekend is a long weekend, with PH independence day on Monday the 12th.

Recent played tracks on Spotify

  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody by First to Eleven
  • Stacy's Mom by First to Eleven
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by First to Eleven
  • Teenage Dirtbag by First to Eleven
  • Toss a Coin to Your Witcher by First to Eleven

Recent played Steam games

  • Street Fighterโ„ข 6 - 93 minute(s)
  • MARVEL SNAP - 64 minute(s)
  • Eternal Card Game - 18 minute(s)

Recent game reviews

# Title Date Notes Rating
1 Death's Door (PC Game Pass) Apr 25 2023 4.0
2 Return to Monkey Island (PC Game Pass) Apr 05 2023 3.5
3 Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC Game Pass) Feb 18 2023 4.5
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Recent watched movies

# Title Date Notes Rating
1 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Jun 06 2023 5.0
2 The Mummy (1999) Jun 02 2023 4.0
3 Mystic River (2003) May 24 2023 5.0
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Recent read books

# Title Date Notes Rating
1 Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin May 08 2023 Incredibly good. 5.0
2 Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman Mar 11 2023 More of a philosophy book about accepting human limitations than it is about productivity. 4.5
3 The Truth by Terry Pratchett Feb 06 2023 Discworld #25 -
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