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  • Like every other sensible person in the pandemic, I am staying hunkered down at home all of the time. Really only going out to get groceries and meds.
  • On a work hiatus, but open to interesting opportunities.

Current Location:

  • still living in Quezon City, Philippines.


  • Currently on a work hiatus. But if you have something interesting, hit me up, maybe we'll get lucky.

How am I spending my time

  • I'm working on multiple personal projects, most of which I don't want to talk about. The only public one is this website/blog. I write as often as I can and am constantly trying to update this site to make it better or more to my liking.
  • I still do a lot of gaming
  • Quiz team does online quiz nights, a few times a month
  • Check the weeknotes for regular updates.

Recent highlights

Recent played tracks

  • New Horizons by Flyleaf
  • Shut Up! by Simple Plan
  • Umbrella by All Time Low
  • So Contagious by Acceptance
  • Helena by My Chemical Romance

Recent played Steam games

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 209 minute(s)
  • Eternal Card Game - 125 minute(s)
  • MARVEL SNAP - 70 minute(s)

Recent watched movies

Recent read books

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