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2021 June

  • Finally finished #HorizonZeroDawn (main game) today, such a great game! #PS4share

    Might take a break from the game before diving into The Frozen Wilds though. Feels like I've been playing this game forever lol

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2020 August

  • Started Uncharted 4 and gotta admit, kinda envious of how nice Drake's house is #PS4share

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  • Tried out Fall Guys. Battle royale elim w Takeshi castle style minigames. Chaotic fun,kinda frustrating. #PS4share

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2020 July

2020 June

  • This world is terrible, time to escape to one where the bad guys are easier to beat #PS4share

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2020 February

2018 December

  • Thought I'd finish a game from last year's backlog before the new year lol #PS4share

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2018 November

2018 January

2017 October

2017 June

2017 February

  • One of the earliest pc games I played. Still remembered enough to finish in a few hours (no googling lol) Easy platinum too #PS4share

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2017 January