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2022 January

2018 September

2018 July

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp Spoiler Free Review!

    • this movie is great; it's fun and and action-packed and there's even more Luis than you thought you wanted; go watch it
    • it's like the first movie, except better and more fun
    • best new character: FBI Agent Jimmy Woo played by Randall Park (sorry Michelle Pfeifer)
    • there are two mid/post-credit scenes. One of them is better than the other
    • I watched in Imax. Some scenes were nice, but it's probably more of a nice-to-have
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Pwede, but kelangan ng kasama to explain things. Baka ok lang pag tagalized na sa tv

2018 April

  • Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Free Review:

    • I'm amazed that so little of this movie has been widely spoiled
    • movie was fantastic. the movie somehow managed to do everything it needed to do while not doing disservice to any of the bazillion characters involved.
    • the plot moves quickly. there is no good time to pee.
    • there is one post-credits scene.
    • very happy to have watched in imax

2018 February

  • BLACK PANTHER spoiler-free review!

    • it's a fun, action-filled romp and Wakanda is amazing
    • tchalla was ok, killmonger and nakia were great, shuri was badass
    • some of the actions scenes didnt seem too well-shot/edited, making them hard to follow
    • I realize I'm saying this about a universe where there are talking raccoons and magic hammers, but some of the Wakandan tech push the boundaries of my suspension of disbelief
    • my expectations were probably set a bit too high what with some people saying it's the best MCU movie since Iron Man or calling it revolutionary or eye-opening
    • off the top of my head I'd say I consider Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok better than this one
    • I understand that it's revolutionary in the sense that it's a major hollowood motion picture filled with a cast of mostly african descent and that some of the characters are motivated by real world racial issues. But the plot itself was typical for an MCU first movie (maybe I've seen too many MCU movies? lol). I dont think it presents the issues it covers under any new or revolutionary context. I guess I kind of went in hoping to be impressed on the level of The Dark Knight or such, but I was disappointed in that regard. It's a very straightforward movie
    • I didn't watch in Imax, which I kind of regret, as I can imagine some of the scenes being pretty good
    • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Possibly, pero baka mahirapan sya intindihin accent ni Chadwick Boseman
    • There's a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene

2013 April