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2019 October

  • "The price for being the best is always having to be the best" - nanny ogg, lords and ladies

    Quoted dhh's tweet:

    Remember when “working real hard” had a goal? Like getting out of a shitty situation, so you could stop wearing yourself thin. Now the prize for “working real hard” and making it big is that you get to “work real hard” forever. Hustle culture sucks.

2016 December

2016 August

2014 April

  • This week's book was Mort (from the Discworld series). I've read the first few Discworld books, and some of the random later ones, but I figured I should start reading them in order and maybe I'll be finished sometime before I die if Pratchett slows down a bit. I also have a couple of unread physical books in the series, but they're a bit ahead of the sequence. The Discworld books are quick reads anyway (I finished Mort in around three hours while doing other stuff), so it shouldn't take too long, hopefully...