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2020 November

  • Streaming some Kaladesh Remastered draft! Watch me be terrible #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgkld

    As predicted; I was indeed terrible. Draft seemed to go well enough, but I made too many mistakes I guess? Seems like this format is not for me.


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  • Last minute mythic on #magicarena. Also hit master on Eternal last week, so it's my first double month! #mtg

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  • I wonder if any other Django devs always forgot what their local env's superuser password is and just createsuperuser again every so often

  • I've been binging Perfect Strangers. Fun show (and maybe best theme song), but 80% of the eps are like "Balki says/does something naive, Larry overreacts and gets them into trouble, but it all works out in the end"

  • Kaladesh Remastered draft really doesn't like me; I thought this deck was pretty good, but it was yet another 0-3. D: At least I didn't waste gems this time. #mtg #magicarena #mtgkld

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  • Wasting time wandering through parallel universes

  • Streaming some more Kaladesh Remastered draft (ep 2) #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgkld

    Unfortunately, internet was too poor again tonight for streaming :(

    Ok, I went ahead and did two drafts which was a terrible idea because I did very poorly both times. (Didn't bother getting a screenshot of the second result, they were the same!) Sigh, this format is tough. Hopefully I figure it out by next time.

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  • It's a fantasy, but I'm kind of hoping @inquirerdotnet or @PhilstarNews manages to put the word "Meltdown" somewhere on their front page for Nov 18 #DuterteMeltdown

  • 🔁 Repost from ChappellTracker:

    Okay I'm going to try to explain this, so bear with me. On Tiktok, an entire community has come together to create Ratatouille the Musical. What seemed like a joke has become an incredible undertaking. Or not? Here's how it started, with a call:

  • [Team Camote] - Post-Trivia Trivia ni Seresa via @YouTube

  • Kaladesh Remastered draft ep 1 #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgkld

    Sadly, internet wasn't too good so I just cut the stream short. Too bad, so sad

    Draft didn't feel super good, but I managed to break even in the games. No video because no stream. (In hindsight I could have just recorded locally!) Maybe I'll try streaming a draft again early next week.

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  • Decided to try a Kaladesh Remastered sealed before diving into draft. Didn't do particularly well, but at least I got a feel of what the Kaladesh limited format is like (again) #mtg #magicarena #mtgkld

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  • Past few days I've been playing around with this thing called Dragonruby Game Toolkit + some Kenney assets I got from the itch Racial Justice bundle.

  • Need to complete de-googlification in 4 years

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  • 🔁 Repost from lenirobredo:


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  • 🔁 Repost from Loeybug:

    This is genuinely the funniest piece of media I’ve ever seen in my life and should absolutely be what is shown to explain the 2020 election for generations to come

  • 🔁 Repost from albus_cotton:

    Congratulations, USA, on getting a smart, hardworking woman as a VP. We’ve had one since 2016.

  • 🔁 Repost from KevinTemmer:

    I don't know how to process my joy...

    so I made Elmo sing A Cruel Angel's Thesis...

  • 🔁 Repost from ava:

    The Week in Review.

  • Who'd have thought it was actually a muppet that could defeat him

    Quoted CarcinogenSDA's tweet:

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