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2020 August

  • Decided to risk my precious gems playing Ikoria Turbo Draft on #magicarena. Turned out well! Just need to draft crystals (essentially moxes). Draw cards and counterspells are great, so blue is best in this format apparently. #mtg

    Okay, I had a lot of fun so I did another one. No Boon of the Wish Giver meant the deck wasn't as strong. This one was a lot closer, but managed to get there.

    I went for a third one and was struck down for my insolence. Only got three crystals this time and even fewer card draw! I think that's enough for this event lol

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  • Bill and Ted Face the Music is a most excellent sequel

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  • 💬 Reply to bloodyvints's tweet:

    @bloodyvints is this already out?

  • Very regular occurrence here in the Philippines unfortunately. After a presidential election, it’s not uncommon that most of the legislators jump ship to the president’s party (or their allies), presumably so they can partake of the spoils of the majority.

  • We first got a PS3 waaaay back in 2008.

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  • Thursday evening Amonkhet Remastered draft (ep11) #mtg #magicarena #mtgakr #twitch

    I decided to do two drafts and both were terrible! Sigh. YT:

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    @quizandhers @triviastorm Uh, I'm trying to remember if they ever call him Mark Twain in the episode or just as Clemens. Well I guess we could just consider it. Also, it's not necessary to tag me directly, I check the bot's notifs every so often, so complaining directly to the bot should be fine.

  • I might need to dial down my expectations of how well otherwise tech savvy people understand concepts of how modern software works

  • Wednesday evening Amonkhet Remastered draft (ep10) #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgakr

    The draft deck was so-so, but we ran up against a few bombs so things didn't go well. YT:

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  • High Score is a pretty good documentary so far, but the Dragon Quest erasure in ep3 is mildly annoying

  • Tuesday evening Amonkhet Remastered draft (ep9) #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgakr

    Draft was mediocre; luckily I didnt pay gems for this one. YT:

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  • Apparently my name was too complicated

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  • Monday evening Amonkhet Remastered draft (ep8) #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgakr

    Managed to break even again this time. YT:

    Attaching draft deck screenshot:

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  • 🔁 Repost from ambernoelle:

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t think your life has to have a purpose, or you a grand ambition; I think it’s okay to just wander through life finding interesting things until you die

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    @SeresaTagAraw open to the public pa rin naman ang UP?

  • I had nothing to contribute to tonight's quiz night, so this is what I did instead.

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  • Friday evening Amonkhet Remastered draft (ep7) #mtg #magicarena #twitch #mtgakr

    Ugh, that was terrible. Worst draft of this series by far. YT:

    Attaching draft deck screenshot:

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  • 🔁 Repost from PortSherry:

    A Shaggy and dog story

    Phew! My longest comic yet!

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    @alcinnz thanks! Unfortunately, I think I have a problem with "If it’s a subscriber-only issue of the zine, you’ll get a link to subscribe.", so I think I'll keep using kill the newsletter for now, but this is good to know!" class="u-url mention">@alcinnz also after posting this, I realized that although I see a lot of tech writers writing newsletters via substack, only 1 of the 3 newsletters I'm currently following is using this platform lol. I guess this encourages me to check out a few more