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2020 June

  • Wala ba tayong AntiErrorBill?

    Quoted MaoiArroyo's tweet:

    Pwede ba kayong nga ERRORISTA, less focus on those who protest. Suggestion ko lang, why not do a better job because then people won't complain. Mahirap ba intindihin yon? We need large scale testing. Our scientists have already made a more affordable rapid test kit. FUND TESTING.

  • M21 draft Episode 3 #mtg #magicarena #m21 #twitch

    Had to do 3 drafts just to jump from Gold 1 to Platinum lol. 1 draft was terrible, 2 were mediocre. 3rd draft was a WG deck (no screenshot here). At least I finally got to try some archetypes other than WB!


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  • Shelves: 2006 vs 2020

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  • Git needs a shortcut for "pull, then if no merge conflicts, push"

  • M21 draft Episode 2 #mtg #magicarena #m21

    Draft deck was fine, games were terrible; lots of misplays. Last chance tomorrow to rank up before rollover!


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  • I have deactivated my Facebook account. Join me!

  • I like how all the PH 90s kids in my feeds are enjoying their Ghost Fighter rewatch on Netflix. People still refer to the characters by their Filipino dub names, because those were the best! #JusticeForJeremiah

  • Casual M21 draft #twitch #mtgarena #mtg

    Draft went reasonably well, all things considered. Lost 2 games to mana flood/screw, but that's fine.


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  • 💬 Reply to visakanv's tweet:


    (Such things aren't super accurate, in the sample image, one of the hits is from 2012)

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  • Got my internet back and immediately did an #m21 draft. 5-3 isn't great, but I guess it's not bad for a first foray? #mtg #magicarena

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  • @talk2GLOBE followup on my dms please

  • Covid19 thoughts and updates, June 28 edition:

    • Wew, it's almost July! It's unlikely that the Metro Manila GCQ gets further loosened though.
    • A lot of new cases recently have been reported in Cebu/Region VII. Some dumbass things coming out of their local officials too.
    • Haven't had a haircut for 6 months now. People keep asking me when I'm getting one, but it doesn't really seem essential?
    • Did a grocery run Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, fewer people than I expected. Still unable to find Choc-Nut in the grocery.
    • We had internet service people coming in this week, and a friend working in UK said to give them masks to wear and I was like "That's ridiculous, of course they'll bring their own." Apparently the expectation is a lot different in the UK, unsurprisingly.
    • (That doesn't mean I wasn't worried about having the masked strangers from the outside in our home...)
    • Despite all of these precautions, I can't help but feel quite a bit of anxiety visiting these medical facilities.
    • Watched mass via Facebook again today, after our internet came back.
    • As of last night, we are at 34803 cases (+738 from the day before, +5403 from last week), 1236 deaths (+12 from the day before, +86 from last week), 9430 recoveries (+249 from the day before, +1780 from last week). New cases still accelerating week-on-week. I read somewhere that they're planning to tweak how they report recoveries, presumably to make it look like we have less active cases? Reference.
    • Worldwide, we are at 10,087,840 cases and around 501k deaths. Ten million! Once again roughly a million new cases during the week. USA still number one, but Brazil racing to catch up. Caveat: these numbers are from Worldometer.
  • @talk2GLOBE i sent another inquiry via dm please check

  • My broadband has been unavailable for two days now and this mobile internet really gets in the way of my doomscrolling

  • @talk2GLOBE have sent you a DM, please check

  • @talk2GLOBE is there a phone numbet i can call for globe fiber tech support rn

    Any update? Did you slide into my dms then ghost me?

    @talk2GLOBE any update? If youre just gonna ignore my dm at least give me a support number i can call

  • Cube draft is about to rotate out, let's waste some gold #mtg #magicarena

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  • 💬 Reply to rovietoosin's tweet:

    @rovietoosin hindi confident sa ability nila magsulat or magexplain via writing

  • After some back and forth from Diamond 1, this filthy casual finally hit Mythic with some weird totally unoptimized Gruul thing. #magicarena #mtg

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  • That grind from Diamond 1 to Mythic is always the worst =/ #mtg #magicarena