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2016 April

  • 🔁 Repost from Juan Magdaraog:

    Change Is Coming

    Change is definitely coming. Whether it's a good change or not will be up to us as a nation.

    They say most of the time parents know best. I should have believed that. We were having dinner one night during the start of the campaign season. My parents and I were talking about the presidential aspirants. I said I'm most likely voting for Duterte. My parents were shocked. They both said he's a very dangerous choice. Of course I did not back down. I said that we need a strong leader and he's the man to get it done. We ended up arguing about the merits or lack thereof of Duterte. Long story short, in the end I was proven wrong.

    I was pro Duterte in the beginning. Blinded by the desire to have meaningful change. I was willing to overlook his short comings and compromise my values and principles. That's how desperate I wanted change. As the campaign went by and as Duterte revealed more and more of himself my support started to waiver. Towards the end my support for him turned into disdain. I could not believe I once thought I wanted him as the next President.

    Duterte is a walking contradiction. Saying one thing and doing another. He triumphs law and order but willing to violate the law to bring it about. He talks anti corruption and yet he wants to bury the biggest symbol of corruption in the place where true heroes are buried. He speaks of women's rights yet jokes about rape.

    When I heard him say he wanted to bury Marcos at the Libingan ng nga Bayani that was the reason my convictions got shook. I was jolted back into my senses. The blinders were taken off. I began to examine him closer. Paid attention to both sides of the argument. Those for him and against him. I no longer had blind loyalty. I turned into a skeptic.

    I realized that this is a man not fit to be our leader. I will not take away his merits as Davao City Mayor. He did good things, granted. Davao is not the Philippines though. Running a city is different from running a country. His cowboy ways will not work for our nation. We're not in the Wild West.

    We can't have a man who would make it state policy to kill people. Killing should always be the last resort. Killing can't be undone. When you kill someone and realize later on it was a mistake you can't undo it. Put someone in prison you can still set him free if you made a mistake. You can't bring time back but you can at least give him the time after.

    Killing is also not the best way to punish criminals. What does it do except give them an easy way out. They will not suffer after. There's a popular line that says "di pa huhuli ng buhay". Hardened criminals would rather die than go to prison. Prison is a much harder sentence. Living the rest of your life in misery, caged behind bars is a fate much worse than going into the darkness of death. Why give them the easy way out? Killing is the lazy solution. Bypass due process and just kill.

    We can suppress crime and corruption by fixing the institutions that are broken. Fix the justice system, don't give police the authority to become criminals themselves. This will take longer but this is lasting and the right kind of change.

    Duterte is a man that puts no weight in his words. He doesn't mean what he says. Or maybe he does but only when it's convenient. How many times has he flip flopped on things he said?

    One thing he's good at is promising the world just to get you on his side. His promise of stopping crime in 3-6 months is impossible. He realized that and back tracked to saying he will suppress it.

    But granted he does good in his promise and eradicates crime in 6 months, what then? He has shown no concrete economic plans. Or other plans for that matter. All I hear him say is I will copy the plans of the others. Even jokingly says he's been cheating since grade 1.

    Davao took 20 something years to get where it is today. That's just one city. How can he fix this country in 6 years? I don't think anyone can.

    We all want change. We want it now. We want shortcuts. We want change but don't want to change ourselves. Duterte supporters say with him as president our country will be better. People will follow him. If that's true then why is Cayetano languishing at the lower end of the surveys? Duterte already said vote for Cayetano. He needs him during his presidency. Very few seem to listen. So how can we change when you can't even follow what your chosen leader says?

    We want change but we want someone to do it for us.

    Change is coming but I fear it is not the right kind of change. Nor is it a change for the better. A Duterte presidency is a scary proposition. I fear that a lot have been fooled into believing the illusion. Believing in the hype. I know some are sincere in their wanting for a better life and believe Duterte is the man to do it. Sadly I think this isn't so.

    We need meaningful change. Not one brought about by fear. We need to curb crime and corruption but not by committing crimes in order to achieve it. We're just replacing one criminal with another. We need change that's done the right way. It will not come easily or quickly but it will be more lasting if done right.

    I asked my self "is my life better now than it was 6 years ago?" The answer is yes. Is it perfect? No. But it's better. There is no denying that our country is better now than years ago. I'm not the one saying that. That is the judgement of our international peers. We have made gains.

    Now before you accuse me of being a PNoy lover or apologist, I'm not. I'm just calling a spade a spade. He screwed up a number of times but there's no denying he did good things as well. If you look at it objectively and take away feelings and biases you will see that.

    That being said I fear a Duterte presidency will take away our gains. I can't imagine how he will fair against leaders of other nations. If he's capable of representing the best in us to the world. If he can play nice with the world. We can't isolate ourselves from the world. The world will not stop while we fix our problems here. It will go on. We need a president who can do both. Take care of our problems here as well as represent our interests globally.

    The most important reason why I won't vote for him is this... I realized that in voting for him I will give up a lot of the things I believe in. I will compromise my values and principles. I will turn a blind eye to many things I deem wrong in order to bring change. That's just unacceptable to me. I'm willing to sacrifice some but there's a limit.

    At the end of the day I want a president who will inspire not instill fear. I want a president whom children can aspire to become. I want a president who can do the right thing and do it properly. No shortcuts.

    Change is coming but I don't want Duterte's brand of change. It's not going to be for the better. In this case the ends definitely don't justify the means. The means is as important as the result. That's the only way we can have lasting change. Duterte is just not that person to do it.

  • Bacon!

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  • Shishio #sketchdaily (maybe I'll complete the rest of the scene someday)

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  • It's funny how yung candidate most lauded by his supporters for his supposed sincerity is the one na pinakamalabong kausap and pinakamadaming flip flops and kelangan parati interpretahin pa ng mga supporters ang mga pinagsasabi nya

  • 💬 Reply to loveintagalog's tweet:

    @loveintagalog antonio "money for hire" trillianes

  • (@Kimukatsu 5F Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing)

  • (@Shangri-La Plaza Shaw Blvd)

  • (@Edsa Shangri-La 1 Garden Way Ortigas Center)

  • Lahat na lang nagfiflip-flop! Seriously though, I thought the Iron Man armor(s) in Civil War looked great, it's gonna be a sad day when Tony Stark bows out of the MCU

    Robert Downey Jr. Is Down For ‘Iron Man 4’

  • True? False? Hyperbole? Misquote? Joke lang? Out of context? BIAS? Ok lang kasi matapang naman sya? Hindi dapat ako ma-offend unless criminal ako? Bukas iba na ang kwento?

    Seriously though, if you're as entertained by shenanigans as I am, he's like the gift that keeps on giving. If/when he wins, this teleserye goes on for six years (or maybe 3-6 months lang, if he's actually telling the truth on that one)

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  • This guy is so insightful

    Quoted tangincheek's tweet:

    <hunter> design is subjective anyway, so anytime there are 2 people with strong opinions, magtatalo talaga


    I've seen a few variations of these "logical conclusions" floating around. Aside from the glaring grammatical problems, the main issue is that it narrows the possible cases to the only two where Trillianes is an idiot. But this is literally not Trillianes' first expose, he knows how to roll with this sort of thing. He could make up some sort of ridiculous way he got ahold of the bank documents. Wasn't there some case a while back where documents were allegedly left behind by a mysterious old lady? And even if he did obtain the documents illegally, he doesn't have to do any affidavit, he could just going on exposing more details. He doesn't have to do things in the legal arena (after all with Binay his chosen venue was the Senate and not the courts). Also, even if the documents he's using are fake, he's not liable for any sort of perjury unless he uses them as documentary evidence in a court proceeding with full knowledge that they are fake (which he will never admit!)

    It's obviously a targetted attack, but regardless of his intentions, at the very least it has already exposed two things: (1) further evidence of the mayor's inconsistency in giving public statements (day one the account doesn't exist, day two it does exist but not with that amount); and (2) the apparently hypocritical insincerity of the earlier call to open up candidates' bank accounts

    This LOGICAL Conclusions About 'BPI Account' Issue Of Mayor Duterte Tells That Trillanes Is A...

  • Who needs checks and balances? Amirite?

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  • Some stuff:

    Spidey was great, but TBH it felt a bit random that Tony went back to the US to recruit a kid (he was that desperate?) AND make him a new suit when he only had 36 hours to catch Cap and friends. At least Cap got Hawkeye to do his stateside work, so their flight was only one way :p I feel like they probably had to work the Spidey part into the script after the deal with Sony.

    I had known there would be a Giant Man appearance since there was a lego set that spoiled it, but luckily I completely forgot about it and only remembered when Scott said "I've only tried this once in a lab and it almost tore me apart!" Fun moment

    When Zemo shows the three guys the video of Bucky taking out Howard and wife, Tony asks Steve "Did you know?" and Steve replies, "I didn't know it was him". What exactly did Steve know? Did he know that Howard and wife were assassinated, but did not know that Bucky was the assassin? If so, how does he know that? These events happened while he was in the ice. My brother thought it meant that Steve knew that Bucky assassinated someone (since Bucky told him about the incident he discussed with Zemo during the blackout), but that Steve did not know it was Howard. But then it wouldn't make sense to reply to Tony that way?

    Random: the endings for both Civil War and BvS were both about someone's mother. Okay, not really haha

    The Raft: Didn't they also have a Raft in Agents of SHIELD? Then again, the movie guys probably don't care about that show anymore...

    During the airport fight sequence, I was expecting someone to switch sides at some point and thought it would be Spidey (since you know, Civil War), but happy to be surprised it was Natasha.

    Some minor airport fight nitpicks: after they square off in the middle of the airport they break off into pairs but Vision is conspicuously absent. I don't think he does anything significant until Giant-Man, which is weird given he's the most powerful guy there. Also, at some point Falcon and Bucky ge

  • Someday maybe the Philippines will be on the front page of reddit for a positive reason. But not today:

  • And miss out on the entertainment? I'd hope they get into a shouting match during an APEC meeting or something

  • Legit (mostly). The thing is, there are 5 candidates running and no one has majority support, but it's first-past-the-post so there's a good chance of Duterte winning with around 30% of the vote

  • This election spawns the most entertaining convos

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  • 🔁 Repost from DocHackenbush:

    #NationalSuperheroDay (original tweet by @TechnicallyRon) #batfork

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