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Apr 2020

I miss being able to set a custom status message in my messaging app. Company I worked at for the longest time used jabber/xmpp for internal messaging, which supported setting a status message. I often used it to put short messages, jokes or PSAs, and I like to think I was one of the first at the company to practice this and it spread later.

Just a fun thing to scroll through your contact list and see the random status messages people put. I suppose in the modern age no one really scrolls through their contact lists though.

Modern messaging apps like Messenger, Signal, Viber, WhatsApp etc dont have this. Discord does though, and so does Google Hangouts, since it is xmpp based I believe. Tweets are supposedly status updates. Hmm, maybe I should make a Twitter app where it just lists out all your contacts and shows the last status message from each one.

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Whenever I see people complaining about negativity or criticism (which is ironically criticism in itself), I assume these are the same people who stay quiet when someone cuts in line.

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Mar 2020

Im told that people are using local area chat groups in messenger and viber to get info. Are there any such groups for bgy tandang sora?

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It is totally racist to call it to the China/Chinese/Wuhan virus, but I wouldn’t object to the terms “CCP virus” or “Xi Jinping virus”

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Repost from NomeDaBarbarian:

In this time, remember the wisdom of Kahless the Unforgettable.

“Long ago, a storm was heading for the city of Quin’lat. Everyone took protection within the walls except one man who remained outside. Kahless went to him and asked what he was doing.” /

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Watching the US inch towards sacrificing public health and risking the lives of millions at the altar of the economy is peak late-stage capitalism

Quoted nancook's tweet:

NEW: Trump’s health officials uniformly horrified by idea of re-opening the economy. Top econ officials like Kudlow pushing for it, while Mnuchin & Kushner field calls from panicked CEOs.

Health ppl say testing is terrible & much abt virus we don’t know:

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Instead of asking for more budget, the govt should be telling us first how they are planning to spend the money they are already allocated, which they claimed was sufficient


Instead of just saying we can’t do mass testing because of limited kits (we get that!), they should be telling us about their plans for getting more testing kits, ppes, etc and for making sure patients and frontliners are prioritized instead of VIPs


Instead of telling off the LGUs for being creative, they should tell us how they plan to support the LGUs in keeping the quarantine under control and in feeding the poor people who are most affected.


It’s the difference between “Sumunod ka na lang!” and “Ok, we can see you’re having trouble, ano pwede namin matulong?” or “Sige, eto itutulong namin para hindi nyo yan kelangan gawin.”


Instead of sending just confirmed cases home due to lack of hospital capacity, tell us what measures you are doing to set up new isolation units etc. Maybe seek out private enterprises that have now unused buildings that can be used?


Instead of complaining about the haters, tell us what you are doing to address their concerns

It would be ok to admit to mistakes. “We tried this, it didn’t work, these are the other things we want to try now.”


Instead of increasing fear, uncertainty and doubt with poor messaging, lay out your plans and principles and tell us clearly what we should expect. Messaging should aim to reassure people, not to threaten or confuse or to make excuses for past mistakes


Instead of asking for emergency powers, maybe use your existing powers better! Not everything can be solved by throwing more authoritarianism at it.


The private sector is stepping up to do what it can. Ordinary citizens are stepping up to donate and support and help where they can. Now is not the time for the government to be mediocre. Be better! (9/?)

If you have an online webapp for storing notes and you don’t have any easy way for me to select-all-copy or otherwise export all of my text data, wtf are you doing

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I’m usually at home most of the time normally, so this staying at home isnt new for me, but I still find it hard to be productive in these times. It’s like the virus thing is a lingering concern always at the back of my head

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Repost from rowsterr:

[email protected] and I realized that different countries respond to COVID-19 based on their institutional memory.

Hong Kong’s institutional memory is the SARS outbreak.

The UK’s institutional memory is World War 2.

And the Philippines’ institutional memory is Martial Law.

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Repost from pulte:

I’m going give $13,700 to someone random who retweets this in the next 72 hours because we need good news ☀️ (must be following me so I can dm you if you win!)

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This thread has an example of some of the problems with the police/military focus while guidelines/checks are few and unclear; giving them more discretion has a high likelihood of leading to abuse

Quoted KabataanPL's tweet:

This is Metro Manila under AFP-PNP lockdown


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