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2010 August

  • Watched Expendables with the JV crew.

    Notes from my journal:

    The Expendables was okay, action-packed movie but with some lame lines/jokes that we believe were written by Stallone as he co-wrote the screenplay. We were imagining him going "oh, this is going to be so cool, the audience is going to love it", etc.

2009 November

2009 August

  • Grand Prix Bangkok happens three weekends from now, and I've already booked the flight and hotel. All I need now are byes! The fourth GPT here was yesterday, Sunday Aug 2 at Robinson's Galleria. The format is M10 Sealed and I found myself faced with the following sealed pool: White 1 Blinding Mage 1 Divine Verdict 1 Elite Vanguard 1 Harm's Way 1 Lifelink 2 Palace Guard 1 Righteousness 1 Safe Passage 1 Serra Angel 1 Silence 1 Veteran Armorsmith 2 Veteran Swordsmith 1 Wall of Faith 1 White Knight Blue 1 Air Elemental 1 Cancel 1 Convincing Mirage 1

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2009 June

  • The first GPT for Bangkok was last Saturday, May 23, 2009 at Robinson's Galleria. Here's the pool I was given to work with: White 1 Cradle of Vitality 1 Excommunicate 1 Rockcaster Platoon 1 Welkin Guide 1 Asha's Favor 1 Aven Trailblazer 1 Lapse of Certainty 1 Paragon of the Amesha 1 Valiant Guard Blue + Hybrid 1 Call to Heel 1 Cloudheath Drake 1 Coma Veil 1 Kathari Screecher 1 Protomatter Powder 1 Faerie Mechanist 2 Grixis Illusionist 1 Master Transmuter 1 Parasitic Strix 1 Esper Stormblade Black + Hybrid 1 Archdemon of Unx 1 Bone Splinters 1 Executioner's

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2009 May

2009 April

  • As any Filipino player can tell you, local prereleases had to be postponed due to some problems with customs. Since NG had already rented out the space for the prerelease at Galleria, they went ahead and held some constructed events + drafts for people who came, and graciously gave out freebies to those disappointed would-be prereleasers. Kudos to NG for handling the situation well. I lent out my 5cc deck for a friend to play, and went SSC drafting instead. I opened a crappy pack and just took removal -- Skeletonize then second pick Executioner's Capsule hoping to go Jund.

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  • Most probably my last tournament playing 5cc this season, the local City Champs was last Saturday, Apr 18 at Robinson's Galleria. I slightly tweaked the decklist I've been using for the past month. I was able to borrow 2 Exotic Orchard to improve my mana base, and I put the fourth Volcanic Fallout in the board to improve the difficult Faeries matchup, plus an additional Terror to help with Mistbind Clique. I added the 27th land in the board (Reliquary Tower) to help against control mirrors. Lands 4 Reflecting Pool 4 Vivid Creek 3 Vivid Meadow 3 Vivid Marsh 1

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2009 March

  • Finally getting back into constructed play, I assembled the following 5-color control deck to bring to battle this weekend: Lands 3 Sunken Ruins 4 Reflecting Pool 4 Vivid Creek 3 Vivid Meadow 3 Vivid Marsh 2 Cascade Bluffs 2 Mystic Gate 1 Fetid Heath 1 Vivid Crag 3 Island Creatures 3 Mulldrifter 4 Plumeveil 2 Wall of Reverence 1 Broodmate Dragon Spells 1 Celestial Purge 1 Terror 3 Volcanic Fallout 1 Wrath of God 1 Pithing Needle 2 Broken Ambitions 1 Remove Soul 1 Negate 2 Cruel Ultimatum 4 Cryptic Command 4 Esper Charm 1 Liliana Vess 1 Jace Beleren

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2009 February

  • I decided to attend the Conflux release event last Saturday, Feb 7 at Neutral Grounds Galleria. As usual, I still had to go to work first so I didn't make it in time for the first 32-man flight and had to wait for NG to restock on product for the second flight. Unfortunately, they were short on SoA boosters, so we would be playing sealed with 6 boosters of Conflux. Yes, six. Expect domain? I registered a mediocre pool and got passed one of roughly the same quality level. Here's my deck: Lands 5 Plains 1 Swamp 2 Mountain 6

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2008 December

  • The last limited tournament of the season, it was last week, December 20 at Robinson's Galleria. The format was Shards of Alara sealed deck. For once, I opened a pretty good pool. Unfortunately, I failed to make the follow through. Decklist and (short) tournament report follows. Creatures 1 Sigiled Paladin 1 Welkin Guide 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Exuberant Firestoker 1 Predator Dragon 1 Ridge Rannet 1 Rockslide Elemental 1 Cylian Elf 1 Mosstodon 1 Mycoloth 1 Wild Nacatl 1 Bull Cerodon 1 Rip-Clan Crasher 1 Steward of Valeron Spells 2 Oblivion Ring 1 Resounding Silence 1 Dragon Fodder 1 Magma

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  • I'm on vacation, so it means I actually have time to hit FNM. I sleeved up the Kithkin deck (no more Blightning for me!) and headed over to Robinson's Galleria (Getting robbed along the way fyi). Nothing surprising, I managed to make 3-1, good enough for fourth place and four packs with crap rares inside. My loss was to the mirror match, most probably due to my lower card quality, as I had only 1 planeswalker in my deck. For reference, the Kithkin decklist I played: Creatures 4 Goldmeadow Stalwart 4 Figure of Destiny 3 Burrenton Forge-Tender 4 Wizened Cenn

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  • I actually initially thought that there would be a PTQ this weekend. When I found out there would just be a normal Standard tournament the night before, I assembled a deck quickly. I went with Blightning Beatdown: Creatures 4 Figure of Destiny 4 Goblin Deathraiders 3 Ashenmoor Gouger 2 Hell's Thunder 4 Demigod of Revenge Spells 4 Bitterblossom 4 Tarfire 3 Resounding Thunder 4 Flame Javelin 4 Blightning Lands 4 Auntie's Hovel 4 Graven Cairns 2 Mutavault 1 Ghitu Encampment 3 Savage Lands 5 Mountains 2 Swamp 1 Karplusan Forest 2 reflecting pool Sideboard 4 Infest 4 Guttural Response 2 Mind Shatter 2 Naturalize 1 Ashenmoor Gouger 2 wild ricochet Unfortunately, things did not go well for our hero. Tournament report follows.

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2008 November

  • The PTQ was last Sunday, November 17 at Robinson's Galleria. As per usual, I opened and registered a pretty good pool with 2 Battlegrace Angel and Tezzeret the Seeker. The pool I got passed to me and the deck I built below: Lands 1 Grixis Panorama 1 Naya Panorama 1 Plains 3 Swamp 5 Mountain 4 Forest Creatures 1 Skeletal Kathari 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Hell's Thunder 2 Hissing Iguanar 1 Jund Battlemage 1 Algae Gharial 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Jungle Weaver 1 Manaplasm 1 Rhox Charger 1 Blood Cultist 1 Carrion Thrash 2 Goblin Deathraiders 1 Kresh the Bloodbraided

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  • Just kidding. I don't have a draft cap or anything. I went drafting with our would-be GP Taipei contingent last November 12 (Wednesday). I actually almost never play sanctioned matches outside of the weekend tournaments, but I was a bit tired from work and wanted to blow off steam, so I went ahead to Robinson's Galleria and waited a couple of hours for the 8-man draft to fill up. I opened with Cruel Ultimatum as my first pick, then got a couple of white weenies (Akrasan Squire and Sigiled Paladin) before getting a 4th-pick Agony Warp. I grabbed some more

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  • Tournament was last November 2 at Robinson's Galleria. The format is Shards of Alara sealed. Because the store lacked tourney packs, the tournament was split into two halves; one half would get 1 tourney pack + 2 boosters, the other half would get 5 boosters. I played in the tourney pack half. My pool and decklist to follow. Basically, I played Naya again, splashing blue for (this is ridiculous) 2 Kederekt Leviathans! Edit: Decklist added! Lands 1 Arcane Sanctum 1 Bant Panorama 1 Seaside Citadel 3 Plains 1 Island 5 Mountain 5 Forest Creatures 1 Akrasan Squire 1 Cloudheath Drake

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2008 October

  • 2nd Trial for Taipei was last Sunday, October 17 at Robinson's Galleria. I open to register a very mediocre pool while the rest of the guys at my table open awesome pools with lots of bombs. "Gee, I hope we don't keep this pool." The judge comes over, rolls the dice and we keep our pools. Awkward. Lands 2 Crumbling Necropolis 9 Plains 1 Mountain 5 Forest Creatures 2 Akrasan Squire 1 Ranger of Eos 1 Rockcaster Platoon 1 Sighted-Caste Sorcerer 1 Sigiled Paladin 1 Yoked Plowbeast 1 Jund Battlemage 1 Ridge Rannet 1 Vithian Stinger 1 Cavern Thoctar 1

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  • I haven't had a top eight result in a while. Thank goodness for limited season! I registered a deck that I would have loved to play, with highlights such as Caldera Hellion, 2 Oblivion Rings and 2 Resounding Thunders, plus a lot of good blue/black stuff. Of course, we pass the card pools and here's the one I ended up playing: Lands 5 Plains 2 Island 1 Swamp 1 Mountain 5 Forest 1 Bant Panorama 1 Jund Panorama 1 Naya Panorama Creatures 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Court Archers 1 Druid of the Anima 1 Mosstodon 1 Naya Battlemage 1 Broodmate

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2008 September

  • Catching up on my tournament reports now: Sep 7, Pre-Alara Triple Treat (Prerelease passes at stake) I'm playing the same deck as I did in the GP Manila Day Two PTQs. Round 1 vs 5-color merfolk: 2-0 win. Round 2 vs Kithkin (mirror match) 0-2 loss. I generally don't know how to play the mirror match. Round 3 vs 5-color control: 1-2 loss. His build was too strong against Kithkin; in addition to Firespouts and Hallowed Burials, he also had Soul Snuffers. Drop. Tournament record: 1-2-drop. This turned out to be a mistake, as I found out the following week

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2008 August

  • 2nd PTQ was last Saturday, August 23 at Robinson's Calleria. I brought a slightly modified version of the greedy deck: Lands 2 Mutavault 4 Reflecting Pool 4 Secluded Glen 3 Sunken Ruins 4 Vivid Creek 2 Vivid Marsh 3 Wanderwine Hub 2 Mystic Gate Creatures 4 Merrow Reejerey 2 Mirror Entity 4 Silvergill Adept 4 Stonybrook Banneret 4 Sower of Temptation Spells 4 Bitterblossom 4 Cryptic Command 4 Nameless Inversion 3 Unmake 3 Sage's Dousing Sideboard 2 Shriekmaw 2 Crib Swap 2 Pollen Lullaby 2 Hallowed Burial 4 Wispmare 3 Vendillion Clique The venue is crowded as the PTQ is

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  • The Philippine Open tournaments (one Standard and one Block) are held as side events to the Philippine Nationals. (I was not qualified obviously). I played in the block portion last Saturday, August 9 at Robinson's Galleria. I played a version of the PWC Special from GP Kobe, the so-called "Greedy Deck" Lands 2 Mutavault 3 Reflecting Pool 3 Secluded Glen 4 Sunken Ruins 4 Vivid Creek 2 Vivid Marsh 3 Wanderwine Hub 2 Mystic Gate 1 Swamp Creatures 4 Merrow Reejerey 3 Mirror Entity 4 Silvergill Adept 4 Sower of Temptation 4 Stonybrook Banneret Spells 4 Bitterblossom 4 Cryptic Command

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  • A bit late, but for the record I went 1-3 in the Eventide Release Party with my very lame pool. (I swear, I get Dramatic Entrance all the time in sealed!) After the release event, I played in an EVE-EVE-EVE draft, where I went 2-1 and didn't manage to raredraft anything valuable. Tomorrow: Philippine Open (Block)!

2008 July

  • It's been three whole weeks since I last managed to attend a Magic tournament. Despite the hectic work schedule and the fact that spoilers have failed to impress me, I managed to wrangle a Saturday off to hit Robinson's Galleria for the Eventide Prerelease. So we show up early and join the first flight. I open and register a Shadowmoor tournament pack with next to nothing in terms of decent cards. I think the best removal it had was an Aethertow, and none after that. I was glad that usually small set Prereleases required passing the tournament pack. Naturally, after

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2008 June

  • The tournament was last Staurday, 14-June and the format wasLorwyn/Shadowmoor Block Constructed. I had been having a bad constructed record over the past few tournaments, so I thought I'd play in one of the smaller tournaments before heading into another GPT. I didn't want to play Kithkin (too random) or Faeries (not enough components). I though I would go for control instead and thus assembled the following Commandments decklist: Lands 2 Forest 3 Island 3 Reflecting Pool 1 Primal Beyond 4 Vivid Grove 4 Vivid Creek 2 Vivid Meadow 3 Mystic Gate 2 Sunken Ruins 1 Fire-Lit Thicket 1 Wooded

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  • The place was NG Galleria, the format was booster draft, three rounds of Lorwyn-Lorwyn-Morningtide followed by three rounds of Shadowmoor-Shadowmoor-Shadowmoor. I went in a bit confident; I had a drafted a couple of times in the past month with decent results (2-1 and 3-1), so I figured I could probably manage at least a 4-2 here or better. I was quite wrong. For the LLM draft, I went with a Treefolk-based build around Battlewand Oaks. I luckily opened a Bitterblossom in pack 3 so my splash went to black, gaining additional removal from the Morningtide pack. Round one vs U/B

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2008 May

  • The GPT was today: Sunday, 25-May-2008 as Robinson's Galleria. I'm sad that the GPTs are all scheduled on Sundays. The deck I brought: Lands 23 Forest Creatures 3 Elvish Hexhunter 4 Safehold Elite 4 Wren's Run Vanquisher 4 Imperious Perfect 4 Kitchen Finks 4 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 3 Jagged-Scar Archers 3 Wilt-Leaf Liege 2 Heartmender 2 Oversoul of Dusk Spells 4 Shield of the Oversoul Sideboard 2 Cloudthresher 2 Chameleon Colossus 4 Mercy Killing 3 Tower Above 2 Primal Command 2 Gleeful Sabotage I felt unsure bringing in this deck (or any other deck actually). I'm walking into a tournament again

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  • I couldn't leave work early again last May 24, so I settled for signing up to a booster draft. Unfortunately, the draft itself didn't go well. I tried going with either red/green or red/black first, but wasn't getting enough good cards. I eventually settled on picking up the many blue fliers that were passing by and eventually ended up in Uw. I was still undecided and still picked from red/black occasionally in pack two until the third pack where I cracked Thistledown Liege. (I also picked Ashenmoor Liege later in the pack). I ended with around 18 R/x cards in

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  • Due to an increased workload, as of Friday night I was still totally unprepared for Block Constructed. I decided to skip the Shadowmoor Block Inaugural tournament yesterday, but I still showed up in the afternoon at Galleria to look for cards. Luckily, there was a draft signup so I went ahead and gambled some money on my supposed skills in Limited. After waiting some 3-4 hours for the draft signup to reach 8 people, we got started. I always carry a pair of scissors in my bag now since I'm really bad at opening packs when my hands get sweaty.

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2008 April

2008 March

  • The tournament format is Morningtide standard, 09 March at NG Galleria. My decklist, pirated from Benjamin Peebles-Mundy, with slight modifications: Lands 6 Islands 5 Plains 4 Adarkar Waster 4 Nimbus Maze 4 Desert Creatures 4 Mulldrifter 4 Reveillark 3 Mirror Entity 3 Bonded Fetch 3 Body Double 3 Riftwing Cloudskate 2 Venser, Shaper Savant Spells 3 Prismatic Lens 2 Mind Stone 4 Wrath of God 3 Momentary Blink 3 Condemn Sideboard 3 Windborn Muse 3 Aven Riftwatcher 2 Stonecloaker 2 Sower of Temptation 2 Draining Whelk 2 Teferi's Moat 1 Magus of the Moat Tournament report follows. Round 1: 1-2

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2008 January

2007 December

  • The last qualifier in the Philippines, held last December 16. I wasn't able to attend the Gold Rush the day before due to prior commitments, so this was my last tournament for the year. I opened a pool with a lot of removal: White 1 Hillcomber Giant 1 Judge of Currents 1 Kinsbaile Balloonist 1 Kinsbaile Skirmisher 1 Kithkin Greatheart 1 Kithkin Harbinger 2 Kithkin Healer 1 Lairwatch Giant Sentry Oak 2 Springjack Knight Blue 1 Amoeboid Changeling 1 Aquitect's Will 2 Deeptread Merrow 1 Drowner of Secrets 1 Faerie Trickery 1 Familiar's Ruse 1 Merrow Reejerey 1 Mulldrifter 2

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  • Dec-2, Sunday. Lorwyn Sealed. The usual location of course, NG Galleria. I find your lack of socks... disturbing I played a couple MTGO drafts the day before but did not do very well, I hoped my luck would be better this time. But my day did not start very well as I found that I had forgotten to bring sleeves to the event. I had to buy some rough-backed Ultra Pros. I hate rough-backed sleeves, my hands are not very good with them. For some reason, I was also stupid enough to come in my sandals, wearing no socks. I

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  • Yeah, I post these late, I'm a busy man. But I want to have a record so here we go. Same deck as the last time , except I removed the 2 grim harvests from the board and put in +2 sudden death (to improve the pickles matchup) Round 1: My opponent had a BUw Mannequin deck, splashing for O-Ring and Blink. He obviously put the deck together at the last minute though. 2-0 win Round 2: Table 1! UW control, but he has bad draws both games. 2-0 win Round 3: B/G Elves. Manny totally crushes aggro decks. 2-0

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2007 November

  • Tournament was last Sunday, November 18. Format was Lorwyn Sealed. I open a pretty good sealed pool this time. Notable cards include Mistbind Clique, Profane Command, Mulldrifter, Cloudgoat Ranger, Oblivion Ring, Shriekmaw and Silvergill Douser. Haven't written up the sealed pool yet, will probably do so later. I play major blue, minor black and white. Round 1: 2-0 win vs BG Goblin/Elf Round 2: 2-0 win vs UB Faeries Round 3 vs merfolk, things start getting interesting. I'm about to win game 3 on my next attack phase as the opponent is at four life, I have a Pestermite and

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  • Tournament was on Saturday, November 10. Format was Standard. I didn't have any good deck ideas this time around (some would argue I never do!), so I played a netdeck. I played the Mannequin deck that originally appeared in US States, as reported by BDM here. I had to change the board around a bit, I went with: 4 Nameless Inversion (to help kill black/artifact critters) 3 Vesuvan Shapeshifter (get random tricks off pickles, and kill legends) 3 extirpate 3 bottle gnomes 2 damnation I had very minimal testing, but I was fairly sure aggro decks were a cakewalk, and

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  • The format is Lorwyn Sealed. Note here that I they had a shortage of boosters and had to split tournament packs into 3 boosters to be able to accomodate all the players. Decklist/Card pool later, I'm too lazy to type it up. Unfortunately, I failed to learn from the previous mistakes as I got blinded by the shiny again, thinking I could actually cast Horde of Notions, so I went with an almost-five color build, major red-blue-and-green. Yes, no tribal synergy at all. (To be fair, HoN was only a dead card once) Round 1: 0-2 loss vs R/W Ajani

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2007 October

  • I was in Galleria earlier today and suddenly the power went out for a few seconds. It came back up almost immediately, but of course everyone was a bit spooked given the recent bombings at Glorietta 2. Even I felt a bit shaken up I might add, even considering cutting short the tournament (I wasn't doing well) I hate that. Being overcome by fear, even for a very short instant. Hopefully, the authorities would be able to find whoever was responsible for the recent bombings to make the rest of us feel safer.
  • I wasn't too keen on playing, but that Dark Confidant kept whispering at me to give him one more chance. Rakdos again, except I removed Martyr of Ashes from the board and put in Avalanche Riders to help the terrible Angelfire matchup. Round 1: 2-1 win vs BWR Slivers I kept Hit/Run in the main because I thought he had Solifuges, he did not. Round 2: 2-1 win vs White Weenie Game 1 was a wipe in his favor, as I had mulled to five. Games two and three I took control. Round 3: 0-2 loss vs RG Greater Goyf

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2007 September

  • Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the AM flights yesterdat, so I hung around Galleria for a few hours watching people play. A lot of people seemed to be playing blue or green stuff. There are people saying Needle Drop is good, what? Just because it cantrips? My flight manages to start around 4 PM, and I open the sealed pool I'm registering. The first two rares I see are Jace Beleren and Chandra Nalar! Holy crap! It means of course, that I have to pass this pool. (That always happens when I get really good bombs) Anyway, I get

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  • I played at an FNM for the first time last Friday, in a cramped room at the back of the Neutral Grounds in Galleria. It was definitely... different than the usual weekend tournaments. I mean people playing Rhox different. Asking whether equip costs needed to be paid every turn different. Not that I'm picking on noobs or anything; it was all fun and refreshing. Everything was a lot more casual than the highly competitive PTQs or GPTs. I brought the Rakdos deck of course, seeing as how that was the only standard deck I had built for weeks now. I

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2007 July

  • Just to make it, y'know, official: I suck at Standard. I played in two Nationals qualifiers over the past two weekends. The first one with the Mishra deck (Flores' Legends of Team CMU) to a disappointing 4-3 finish in a sea of Angelfire, Solar Flare and Gruul. Disappointed with the decks performance, I took a look at the result of Australian Nationals that same weekend, and decided to play the Rakdos "Satanic Sligh" build that had won that event in today's qualifier, which was incidentally the last one I could play given my schedule. I guess I wasn't the only

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  • Today is of course the release of Magic's Xth edition, Magic Game Day. As usual, I played at Neutral Grounds in Galleria. Helluva lot of people there, more than I was expecting for a Core Set Release tournament. The format is, as usual, Sealed Deck with four rounds of Swiss pairings. Players were grouped in Flights of 32 people each (previous prerelease tournaments had 48-people flights), each win gets you an Xth booster pack and the top 2 of each flight (the ones who went 4-0) get something extra. Apparently the extra prizes were stuff like a bag, a shirt

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2007 June

  • The venue is, as always, NG Galleria. The format, Standard. I was playing Mike Flores' "Legends of Team CMU" -- the Mishra/Korlash aggro/control/combo deck that placed seventh in New Jersey Regionals, with a modified sideboard since I couldn't get all of the cards in time. Flores discusses the deck in detail here (requries a Premium account) Round 1 0-2 Loss vs GUB NarcoBridge (Dregde combo) Round 2 2-1 Win vs Mono-black Rack Round 3 1-2 Loss vs Mono-red Burn Round 4 2-0 Win vs White Weenie Round 5 0-2 Loss vs Dragonstorm Round 6 2-0 Win vs Rakdos Round

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  • The saga of the mightiest deck in the universe continues. My previous outing showed me a solid control matchup and maybe 60% aggro matchup. I tweaked the sideboard to improve the aggro game post-board, dropping the useless Yixlid Jailers for 4 Last Gasps. Here's how I did: Round 1 2-0 win vs MGA Round 2 0-2 loss vs RUW control (no angels) Round 3 2-0 win vs RGW mid-range aggro (elephants/avalanche riders) Round 4 2-1 win vs RW Boros aggro Round 5 2-1 win vs RG Gruul aggro Round 6 1-2 loss vs GW aggro Round 7 0-2 loss vs

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2007 May

  • (edit 24-Dec-2008: Imported decklist from the wiki, removed the dead link below, anchor tag retained for posterity) Lands 20 Swamp 3 Blood Crypt Creatures 4 Korlash, Heir to Blackblade 4 Dimir House Guard 4 Dark Confidant 3 Withered Wretch 2 Detritivore Spells 2 Grim Harvest 3 Damnation 1 Persecute 2 Demonfire 4 Tendrils of Corruption 4 Sudden Death 4 Rakdos Signet Bearing the deck I've named "the mightiest deck in the universe", I got the following results: Round 1: 2-0 win vs UB Teferi control w Curse of the Cabal Round 2: 1-2 loss vs BG aggro w 3 Persecute

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  • Before actually going to the elections last Monday, I played some Limited-format Magic last Sunday at Galleria. The format was Time Spiral Block Sealed, and I was feeling good. I opened a card pool with no outstanding rares. The only real bomb was the red uncommon Pyrohemia. Spotting the Deep-Sea Kraken and wanting to play it, I decided to go red-blue. I tested the build for a few minutes before realizing it completely stunk and had very few creatures. I looked over the card pool and quickly realized I had overlooked some quality green fatties: Nacatl War-Pride, Durkwood Baloth, Sporesower

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2007 April

  • A bit lazy today, just a quick summary. As usual for a prerelease, lots of people at NG yesterday. I got there before Galleria opened and whiled away time on the DS. The NG staff was a lot more efficient today, they were able to start the first 3 flights as early as 10:30. I got on flight C, and proceeded to open one of the most mediocre card pools I've ever seen. I quickly judge that the best synergies among my cards were (a) six black removal spells and (b) I have a lot of thallid cards (gernimator, sporesower,

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  • So yeah, it was a Two-Headed Giant Limited PTQ at NG Galleria yesterday. I played with my friend Paul, and we had a rather good sealed pool, coming up with a pair of decks that had the basic strategy of "Do not block!" Unfortunately, we were only able to go 5-2, ending up as the team in 10th place. Well, it's not like we would've been able to go to San Diego, but still the 750USD would have been nice. We lost one game to mana flood, and the other loss was one where we were winning -- at least

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2007 March

  • Under Development Standard @ NG Galleria 24-Mar-2007 Lands 4 Breeding Pool 3 Stomping Ground 1 Steam Vents 2 Mountain 7 Island 5 Forest 1 Skargg, the Rage Pits Creatures 3 Plaxmanta 3 Sulfur Elemental 3 Giant Solifuge 4 Fathom Seer 2 Mystic Snake 2 Vesuvan Shapeshifter 1 Brine Elemental Spells 2 Demonfire 3 Research // Development 3 Search for Tomorrow 4 Farseek 3 Think Twice 4 Remand Sideboard 3 Krosan Grip 2 Detritivore 2 Tormod's Crypt 2 Electrolyze 2 Serrated Arrows 2 Pyroclasm This deck is named "Under Development" because I basically threw it together two days ago with almost

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2007 January

  • Played yesterday at Galleria. With a whole bunch of people: three from the Zu crowd and I think five or six from the office. Insane number of people, as expected. I got there about ten minutes after the mall opened (I came from work), and I was already preregistered, but I only got to sign up for the sixth flight (Flight F). They had to buy extra tables from a nearby Office Warehouse. I finally got to crack open packs around 12:30PM. Only bomb in my sealed deck pool was an Avatar of Woe, but my black was too weak

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2006 December

  • I made it back to the country just two days before the last big Standard event of 2007, and I had no deck ready. On Saturday morning, I quickly cobbled together a RGB off the obvious theme of hating Islands. Minor land destruction theme (4 Cryoclasm, 4 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss), Elephant and Solifuge beats and always going for the Demonfire finish. The black was in the main only for Hit // Run, my answer to Akroma and Bogardan Hellkite. Sideboarded Nightmare Void against control. Ridiculously huge turnout, over two hundred people participated, meaning the event would play out for a total

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2006 November

  • Same deck as last week. Round 1: 2-0 vs WUb Sliver-Mill. I asked him afterwards why he didn't show me any Traumatize, he said it was only in the board. Round 2: 2-0 vs Solar Flare Game one he only gets four lands, he manages to animate a Skeletal Vampire, but Glare taps the blockers and pushes the kill. Game two he gets nothing but ten lands and a Remand. Round 3: 2-1 vs UW Draw-Go Game one I push hard and fast, bringhing him down in eight swings. Game two he gets the controllish upper hand and ends the

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  • This tournament and three others for each Saturday of November are run-ups to the Time Spiral Gold Rush tournament in December. I've been agonizing over the past couple of weeks as to what I can play in the diverse new standard enivornment. In the end, instead of doing my usual thing and building an original decklist, I decided to work from an existing archetype instead. I believe that in order for me to become a better Standard player, I have to get more match experience before designing decks, since my thinking is still on a casual level most of the

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2006 October

  • Yesterday at NG Galleria. My record for this event was 4-3, running B/G with red splash. I initially thought red was very weak in TS limited, but as I got to the end of the tourney I found myself splashing more and more red cards. Bogardan Rager in particular I underestimated. At least I can somehow feel my skill level improving. There's this guy who's beaten me two tourneys in a row now, both with edge-of-the-seat wins decided in a single turn. I found out later he's currently in the top 10 limited players in the country by ranking. All

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  • I left work early yesterday with the intent of playing in the Time Spiral release tourney at Galleria. The product arrived late though, and Switch and I had to wander around Galleria for half a day before the tourney was able to begin. As witnessed in the prerelease, Time Spiral seems to be immensely popular, which means high demand and low supply of boosters for the general public. And for good reason: Time Spiral is awesome, and provides an incredibly fun (and sometimes technical) limited environment. What it will do for Standard is another matter, but since I'm primarily a

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2006 September

  • Yeah! Haven't won a prerelease shirt since Odyssey, but I successfully won four edge-of-my-pants matches to take home the coveted prerelease-shirt-that's-always-two-sizes-too-small-for-me-anyways! Man... one would think they would have shirts bigger than XXL. Lots of husky guys play Magic in the Philippines. Anyway, yeah 4-0, running a blue-white aggro-control. I opened awesome cards -- Ancestral Vision, Lotus Bloom, Ith, Teferi, Whispers, etc. I was a bit worried that going UW would be a bad idea since I didn't have access to either R or B for removal, but seems it was the right decision all along. Lots of people played at

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2006 July

  • I was busy this weekend with Magic: The Gathering. Four of us from the office played at a Nationals Qualifer today at Galleria. I played a custom-built aggro-control blue-white beauty called Azorius-12. Considering that I threw it together at practically the last minute, I think I did fairly well (but not enough to get the Nationals invite). Large turnout; rumor has it more than a hundred and thirty players participated, and NG quickly ran out of chairs and tables to use. Edit 24-Dec-2008: Decklist migrated from the wiki, removed dead link above (anchor tag retained for posterity): Azorius-12 Creatures 4

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2006 June

  • I played at Robinson's Galleria last Saturday. So much for my first constructed outing in 10 years... not a very good outcome for me. I played 4-color Firemane Control... no permission, but lots of life gain and 4 Wrath of Gods packed maindeck, a specifically anti-aggro build. I was anticipating lots of Gruul beats and Orzhov aggro decks, and I was ready to beat them to the ground. Unfortunately, I faced not a single one of those decks. :( Round 1 vs Wildfire/Vore I knew this was a loss as soon as he boomerang'ed a Temple Garden on the second

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  • So, I played at PTQ Kobe at Robinson's Galleria last Saturday. First things first: First thing I do when I get passed a Ravnica Block sealed deck is to check the decklist to see if I got passed a shockland. Incredibly, I was passed not just one, but two! That in itself paid for the registration fee, but I still wanted to get a decent finish in the PTQ. Unfortunately, aside from the Temple Garden and the Blood Crypt, I didn't get that many "wow" cards. Unable to resist what good cards I had, I actually played all five colors:

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