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2015 July

  • Watched Ant-Man at Trinoma Cinema 7

    Ant Man spoiler-free review: The first half felt a bit off, with some exposition coming off as forced and the pacing a bit awkward. Things picked up later on and while the plot was not entirely unpredictable there were a number of fun and surprising tangents. Overall a fun and entertaining movie with enough stuff for comic book Marvel fans to enjoy, probably close in quality to the first Iron Man movie, if not better

2014 September

2014 May

  • Watched X-Men: Days of Future Past at Trinoma.

    On I wrote:

    Old Charles said some stuff to young Charles that I liked, it started something like "It's the greatest gift that we have, to bear the pain without breaking, ..." does anyone remember the rest of it.

    Great movie! It's the X-Men movie we deserve!

    As an X-Men fan, I really liked Days of Future Past. Bryan Singer set out to correct the mistakes of the past (literally), and he delivered, and the payoff at the end was great. This was the X-Men movie we deserved! Here, have some more X-Men:

    Xmen animated series theme

    Nitpicks from group chats:

    • Will the white house really fit inside a baseball stadium?!? Tt was an impressive scene, but I disbelieve that a baseball stadium is that big.
    • The other problem with the movie was that if Mystique got captured after killing Trask, then x1 and x2 couldn't have happened.

2011 November

2008 October

  • On a whim, my brother and I went to Trinoma to see Eagle Eye, barely catching the last full show (including the trailers of course, we love watching trailers). Our mom had said we'd like the movie and she still owed us one since it was her fault we watched Big Stan. So we're giving her a chance to redeem herself. The spoilerless review: Since Eagle Eye trailers seem to be everywhere, you probably have some idea of at least the start of the story. Jerry Shaw is an ordinary loser working at Copy Cabana when he comes into seven

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