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Some works of fiction I have written.

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2019 October

  • This was a submission I made to a short story contest sometime in 2017 (I've already forgotten the URL for the contest). But basically, there were some parameters you hade to use in your story: Dialogue: Enter, put the items in the field and get out in 30, got it Science (Optional): Technology allows people to hack their DNA sequence and recreate themselves to their liking I didn't win the contest, but I thought I'd put this up for posterity anyway. The text is as it was submitted and unedited. It started innocently, with a comment on a post I

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2017 March

  • Posted on r/WritingPrompts: [PI] Explorers - FirstChapter - 2105 Words “Hurry up Michael,” the woman urged as she led the way forward through the brush. “Ease up Raine, you know I’m an academic right, not a field researcher?” Michael said between short breaths. It was true, he wasn’t used to this much climbing. They were almost at the hill’s peak, but the vegetation didn’t seem to taper off. The trek from base camp had taken them the better part of four hours, most of it only under the light of the second moon. “Look!” He heard Raine’s voice call out

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2016 June

2002 July

  • mirror | reviews Seifer Almasy : Full Circle A Final Fantasy VIII mini-fanfic by Roy Tang ( Final Fantasy and all related characters (C) Squaresoft. "Seifer Almasy, please come forward." Ever defiant, the tall, blond cadet stood and took his place in front of the three-man committee. "Get on with it." Ignoring him, the committee head went on, "Seifer Almasy, it is the finding of this committee that the acts you performed opposing Garden were a direct result of your being under the influence of Sorceress Ultimecia. However, this does not forgive the fact that your actions before,

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  • mirror | reviews The Ultimate Junkie By Roy Tang ( / Final Fantasy VIII is a copyright of Squaresoft, Inc. Standard disclaimers apply. Spoilers? Not really... I'm almost there. I must've been walking for a day and a half now. A day and a half through snow-filled forests and mountains, barely eating. I haven't slept since that ship dropped me off on this island. I'm tired and exhausted. But I need to get there. I have to. The others--they don't understand. None of them understand. They tried to stop me, to hold me back. You don't need

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2002 January

  • mirror part 1 by Roy Tang (, Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VIII and all related characters copyright of Squaresoft. "Woah!" Mecis looked on in awe as she saw her fellow SeeD catapult out of the Lunar Base at incredible speed. She looked up to her companions. "That's amazing." Kai simply nodded at her. He had seen all this before, and every time a new SeeD came to watch the launch process the reaction was always the same. He looked at the other SeeD beside him, Mecis' "special friend", as she put it. Laguna Hilmark looked on at the launch

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2001 November

  • mirror | reviews An FF6 fan fiction work by: Final Fantasy VI and all characters involved are copyright of Squaresoft. Author's note: This story takes place before the start of FF6. "Stop, thief!" He heard the shopkeeper shouting after him, and grimaced. A couple of years or so ago if someone told him he'd be stealing food off merchants in South Figaro, he'd laugh in their faces. He was a different man then, with different worries. The man he was today couldn't be bothered to think about such things as honor or ethics. He was too busy

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  • mirror | reviews Nobody Wants to Live Forever by Roy Tang ( / Final Fantasy IX is a copyright of Squaresoft, Inc. Standard disclaimers apply. Final Fantasy IX spoilers, all the way baby! My name is Vivi Ornitier. I am a black mage. That is to say, I can call upon elemental forces to weave powerful magical spells of destruction. Which is often quite handy, especially when facing a large group of plant-like creatures that can tear me apart with their limbs or petrify me with a single drop of their saliva. A simple flick of my

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1997 January

  • Ranma 1/2 and all associated characters, places and events are undoubtedly property of the esteemed Rumiko Takahashi, and any attempts to claim otherwise shall be attended with accordingly. Nikholas F. Toledo Fanfic Group presents Time and Time Again by VECTOR Part One It was the usual lunchtime scenario at the Furinkan High cafeteria. Various students were in various states of gobbling. One particular student, however, was trying to avoid his lunch. This student, Ranma Saotome, had concealed himself behind the cafeteria doors in hopes of avoiding the "lunch" his "fiancee" had prepared for him. It wasn't exactly normal behavior for

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