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Comment by David Ramirez on a post from Oct. 8, 2012 via

David Ramirez said...

I think most people are just one bad day away from becoming supervillains. For a fair number of people it won't even take the bad day, just the right superpower. Off-topic: I often think about the things I would do if I was Kryptonian. Superman vastly under-uses his powers. He could change the world. Instead of taking on gangsters and the random menace, he could sculpt the land to fix droughts and flooding (rerouting waterways, creating catchbasins), freeze ocean water to restore glaciers and reduce/reverse global warming (he could also make new glaciers and take them to drought zones), plant entire fields by himself in moments, create wealth by finding rare-earth asteroids and bringing them to the Earth, dispose of radioactive/ toxic wastes by tossing them into the sun, etc. He could feed Africa. Instead, he mostly harasses white collar criminals like Luthor and punches thugs in the face.