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Comment by Jaime on Elections 2010 -- My Ballot

Jaime said...

Well, what roytang says is true, but you have to realize that that option DOES help get things done. Even in a dictatorship that is focused on enriching / empowering only select individuals, whatever mandate the dictator wills is still expeditiously performed.

I sincerely believe that the Checks and Balances mechanics of a Democracy are intended to stabilize an already secure country, with change happening only if majority or all sides agree on said change (on the notion that, clearly, it must be for the better for most / all the people, since they all want it).

I'm inclined to do straight-ticket voting, because I do believe drastic change needs to be done to get the ball rolling.

But this will only work for sure at the onset. Politics is politics, and no one stays allied for too long.

Chry, I think what you actually want is then to get are leaders, who, regardless of different political backgrounds, aim for the same platform. Just because they're enemies, doesn't mean that healthcare enthusiasts will not want healthcare related issues solved (though, leaders will always surprise you).