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Comment by Roy on Anti Comment Spam

Yeah well, after changing the theme my changes broke commenting. Fixed.

Comment by Roy on Anti Comment Spam

This is a test to see if the comments are submitted correctly.

Comment by Ovidiu C. on Laptop Keyboards Suck

I have a huge bad @$$ Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000, but I rarely use the arrow keys, insert, delete, home, end, page up/down etc. I would rather keep my fingers on the home row and Vim is perfect for that.

Comment by Roy on Pasmado

I suspect the condition we refer to as “pasmado” is actually a combination of several medical conditions, that’s why doctors don’t believe in the term per se.Anyway, yuck! :p

Comment by noems on Pasmado

di ba ung pasmado ung nanginginig na ang kamay? and the oldies would tell us not to wet our hands after ironing… or to not take a shower right after a strenuous activity dahil ‘baka ma pasma’?i was about to say that doctors dont believe in the concept of pasma until you mentioned a scientific name for it… unless its for ‘sweaty hands’ and not the pasma am referring to?anyhow… tama si pen, just pee on it.

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Comment by Roy on Pasmado

Yuck! Ayaw ko na makipag-shake hands sa yo.Joke lang :p

Comment by peng on Pasmado

or you could start peeing on your hands. it works. must be the nitrates or something.incidentally i am less pasmado since moving here. it may be the humidity.

Although I go onsite, usually it’s just for technical assistance stuff. Although the last two times I went it was because I had to work directly with a partner company.And we don’t usually hire analysts directly, you need to work your way up from being a programmer before you get any SA work. 😀

Comment by Roy on links for 2008-03-07

I’m a bit ambivalent actually, either ending works for me. The ending in the book sounds way better though.

I’m sorry, I completely forgot na nagpabili ka ng Transformers. T_T Not that I would have had time to buy you anything, since busy talaga.I usually go to Hong Kong for work, meeting up with clients, etc. The company I work for is HK-based so a lot of the work comes from there.

Comment by noems on links for 2008-03-07

because of this link i bought a pirated copy of the movie. was on maternity leave when the movie came out e.i think i liked the ending in the movie better because it seems conflicting to the villain’s character to have compassion.

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