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Comment by Chry Cheng on Bayan DSL Proxy

It was set for HTTP only. Apparently, that’s the protocol used by Software Update.

Comment by Roy on Bayan DSL Proxy

You should be able to set the proxy server only for HTTP.

Comment by Chry Cheng on Bayan DSL Proxy

Had to turn it off because my Mac’s Software Update program kept timing out when downloading. :(

Hi Benj. I actually read your blog also, sana nga dumami tayo hehe.About the decklists and cardnames, I do programming so I wrote a plugin for Wordpress that automatically formats the decklists for me. Unfortunately since you’re using Blogger, it’s more difficult since Blogger doesn’t support plugins. It might be possible using JavaScript… I’ll think about it hehe

Nice blog you got here. Sana dumami pa ang mga pinoy MTG bloggers. 🙂Question: How do you make the decklists look like the way they do in yellow boxes? Even the cardnames have links. Do you do that manually? I’m really interested in having the same thing for my own blog. 😉Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!

Comment by Roy on Barcamp Manila

Thanks Leah, I hope so too, I learned a lot!

Comment by haellopez on Barcamp Manila

Nice to hear you enjoyed the first BarCamp Manila, Roy!Hope to see you again next time.regards,leah

Googled “manila zip codes”. First hit has ZIP codes per municipality, arranged by location alphabetically.Wala lang… nakakabobo kasi pag-draft ng prototypes. Tinopak ako last week at linagay ko lahat ng country + country code sa mga country code dropdown list ng screens ko instead of just putting 5-10 country codes. Kaya yun, familiar yung pattern sa combo box sa pic sa taas.

It’s actually displaying the ZIP codes of locations in Quezon City in alphabetical order. I think the dev forgot to put the location name somewhere there e.g.Alicia (1105)Amihan (1102)Apolonio Samson (1106)and so on… I’m still wondering how 801 got there, though.

Comment by Bry on Barcamp Manila

Problem is, we’ve been making too much noise recently that it’s possible that people would dismiss this as yet another random rabble. XP We have to get the timing right… and possibly gather surveys or statistics or whatever first to drive points home.(Posting about this stuff externally has a different impact – it hints that there’s already a small group of people initiating changes inside a company wherein changes were traditionally dictated only by the core group.

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Comment by Roy on Barcamp Manila

Bry: This is a very good thing to discuss, but we need to do it on the internal network, where we’re more likely to have an impact. Think about how to introduce the topic in Rushing Recklessly, I’ll surely reply. 😀

Comment by Bry on Barcamp Manila

Uptake of new technology is pretty much limited by business considerations, but it’s still no excuse to limit expanding developers’ horizons. Unfortunately the current trend of us moving towards generalization of skills over specialization pretty much screws up the progress department – we end up with engineers who have a broad range of outdated unpolished skills than engineers with less, but more honed, skills.Coding day-in-day-out also tends to give a false sense of “experience”.

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I actually *do* have some episodes of Kenshin, but it’s not complete, and the discs are really old and I’m not sure where they are (daming rason :p)

I think OEM vendors have some kind of agreement with McAfee and Norton which forces them to install these antiviruses – no matter how bad performing they are. If I’m more or less tolerant with McAfee, then Norton is a system killer. I’ve just come across a report where it’s said that Norton slows start-up by 50%. Awful! Avast antivirus is much less resource-hungry.

Comment by noems on The Folly of Optical Media

how about donating some of your copies to kapal-muks leechers like me? 😛 depends ofcourse on what you have… kenshin would be nice since i haven’t seen it 😀

Comment by Roy on Grand Prix Trial Manila IV

Corrected… I forgot to edit after copy and paste.5-2-1 is a good record yes, but I want to do better!

Uh. Decklist needs fixing? The Plumeveils are still in the board and I see no hint of those Macabres. 😀 5-2-1 in a GPT is a nice record.

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