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Comment by Roy on PTQ Kyoto I

:: 95 words

I always get so greedy with removal. If I had a Bone Splinters or an Executioner’s Capsule, I probably would have cut white from the get-go. I always worry about having an out to big fat dragon-class creatures (which red burn can’t handle), so I always try to fit in Oblivion Ring.Manaplasm was awesome for me exactly once when I played it on turn three with a four drop and five drop in hand.

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Comment by Daniel on PTQ Kyoto I

:: 133 words

I think you should cut white. You already have a lot of removal so you don’t really need to play Oblivion Ring since it just makes you have to play a fourth basic land type. Plus you left out some really good on-color stuff for those white removal spells, like Topan Ascetic, and less so but still solid 2nd Carrion Thrash and Resounding Roar. You could cut one or two of the gold 2-drops since it seems like (haven’t layed out the deck myself) you’re pretty spread among BRG, and you have a decent amount of removal to deal with a rush.

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Comment by Roy on PTQ Kyoto I

:: 5 words

What should I have cut?

Comment by ogie on PTQ Kyoto I

:: 52 words

I kept wondering all day whether Manaplasm was any good and later someone pointed out I should have maindecked Topan Ascetic – I keep underestimating that guy – so I tried out swapping him for the Ooze, but couldn’t get definite results to tell me the ‘plasm really play both 🙂

Comment by KC on Free Flex Shirt from Adobe

:: 49 words

Ah, yes… the new shirt. I remember that he was trying to be subtle about it. Una, kunwari may question so he asked me to come over his seat. Since I didn’t notice, he walked over sa JV area to parade his shirt. We eventually got the hint 😛

Comment by peng on links for 2008-10-12

:: 16 words

what the??? i got 7.8. ano ba ang edge ng triangle? side? i suck at geom.

Comment by noems on Philippine Airlines

:: 49 words

ayy nako. i’m hating the cebu pacific site right now.i spent almost the whole afternoon booking and reloading pages. i haven’t passed the flight selection yet!With the heavy traffic of Users specially with their frequent promos, they really should improve the website.If you can’t serve it, don’t sell it.

Comment by Tim Medina on Starting out

:: 36 words

Hey Roy!Good to see another pinoy interested in django. (You might want to join the [google group of pinoy django users][1])About your problem, you might want to take a look at [ this][2].[Tim][3][1]:[2]:[3]:

Comment by noems on Every Wednesday is Hotdog Day!

:: 21 words

haha sorry for the trouble of making you do UAT on your comments link.hehe my office pc is using IE v6.

Comment by noems on links for 2008-10-12

:: 27 words

you changed your theme … for me?! hahahafor the record, my eyeballing game score was 5.53. (lower is better 😛 )balik mo na sa dating theme. hehe

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