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trust me … you’ll regret NOT reading those books. Can you post your FE number or your full name so I can verify if you passed? *countdown to Oct. 30*

i know what you mean. i sometimes spend the whole saturdays playing, only stopping to nibble when i get faint of hunger. it’s addicting to control your destiny. i think that’s why i keep playing. you get more control over your life online as a character (and if you should f–k up, it only takes a few secs to respawn).

Nah, I’m good πŸ˜€I think the 3-4 hours per day may be underestimated though. Sometimes it’s closer to 9-10. :p

my MMORPG addiction is Guild Wars. graduated to that from ROSE Online. The game is similar to Ragnarok but the graphics are way more sophisticated. you may want to try it (that is if you want to spend more than your WoW 3-4 hours playing).

Comment by switch on Pop Ratio

There used to be a site (i forget now) where Popgun used to have some track on. I have them, if you want.BTW, Popgun has already disbanded, apparently. Rocky has a band called The Haneps, and Nico and Monsi are with Ryan in Tsubibo.

Comment by eClair on Hipster PDA?

But Hipster PDAs are so easy to use and carry around! πŸ˜€

Comment by Roy on Yahoo!

I actually don’t use my Yahoo mail account either. Only for stuff life account registrations, and experiments like these.GMail is incredible of course. I don’t even use Thunderbird anymore because of it.I want more industrial-strength webapps to toy around with!

Comment by eClair on Yahoo!

I have stopped using my Yahoo!mail account except for Yahoo!groups. I really like Gmail better – not just the amount of inbox space but also labels and what not.Whoa! You really are playing around with Yahoo!

i loved the transformers! my brother had optimus prime and we used it as my barbie’s mode of transport. pero i stopped watching the cartoons when it got so complicated and there were lots of groups within the autobots and decepticons. nalipat kami sa voltron and voltes v.*sings* the transformers.. more than meets the eye.. autobot (something something to) fight the evil forces of the decepticons…

Comment by btflpenguin on Gateway

or that he was too duwag to kill his evil father period. hahaha. pero oo nga, “there’s still good in him” (i forget the real line) kaya buti din ganon nangyari.unrelated: i get the shivers (in a not so good way) when i remember the line “ani, you’re breaking my heart!” haha

Comment by Roy on Gateway

I didn’t really mean it that way… I was thinking more like “born from a Sith, trained by Jedi”If you think about it, Luke was able to beat Vader in Return of the Jedi because of his hate and anger, but he didn’t let it control him enough to kill his father. I guess I always thought it meant he could use the strength of the dark side without falling to its corruption.

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Comment by btflpenguin on Gateway

true true. i meant the first half of the sixogy. or whatever you call a series of 6 movies. lol.didn’t like the first 2 movies either. go R2!teka. san nanggaling yung jedi half ni luke? di ba ordinary mortal lang si padme?

Comment by Roy on Gateway

OC-ness kicking in… I think you meant “the first trilogy”… the first half of the trilogy would be Phantom Menace and the first part of Attack of the Clones.I didn’t like those much. :p

Comment by btflpenguin on Gateway

so nice to hear a star wars fan who has something nice to say about the first half of the trilogy. ang galing ngayon ko nga lang naisip na si luke ay sith+jedi. cool.

Comment by Roy on Hypertension

No, it’s probably just me and my unhealthy lifestyle. :phay… I’m sure I’ll beat this thing, since I’m invincible or something. But I’d have to eat a lot of veggies to do it. :(

Comment by btflpenguin on Hypertension

oh no! is this yet another indication of our progressing years?!good luck with the low salt and take care of yourself.

And have you noticed that along EDSA there are Ashton Kutcher movie billboards?!He has two movies out soon or something.

Comment by Roy on INTP

Actually, I dislike memes. I seldom pay them notice. I like this one because I like the Myers-Brigg test, which has a solid, well-known foundation in psychology.I think this is typical of an INTP:p

Comment by Clair on INTP

My results are here:’t post it on my main blog. Mapupuno na naman ng meme yung pag nagkataon!

Comment by Roy on Nuns and Earthquakes

Yeah I know. But one would think a company would know better than to waste precious man hours on this.Strangely, all the people in our office just jokingly laughed it off.

You’d be surprised at how often this happens. The “cellphone spark” concern in various gas stations is another example of this.

Comment by eClair on The Gender Genie

It says that my post re: studying a programming language has been written by a guy! *chuckles*

Wow! Marc Gaba won! Wonderful :)As for the Digital Pinay thing –I kinda am glad I did it, am kinda still freaked out that I did that. I mean, my name was all over the place. Not that people really bothered to look at my blog a lot but the word did spread.Ah well. :) That is my being rash. At least something good came out of it ^_-Have you read Sean’s blog?

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I give up. Who has won a palanca award?Hey Clair, the Digital Pinay thing was neat. Don’t knock the power given by your ability to speak out on such things. Granted, the Digital Pinay thing was not much compared to the myriad troubles our country faces on a day-to-day basis, but it’s a small step that shows how modern-day technology empowers simple individuals like you and me and allows us to affect the issues in our own small way.

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Gosh! This brings back grad rites memories.And the memory that I almost did not graduate from Pisay :|I miss Vlad. He was one of the best teachers, ever! He was crazy but not too crazy. He was mean when it came to exams. But that was ok. He still rocked!I haven’t done anything earth-shaking yet. Well, there was Digital Pinay – I was one of the bloggers who had so much to say about it but that was about it.

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i’ve thought of some medyo-earthshaking things our batchmates have done: work for the human genome project, win a palanca award for poetry, participate in bb pilipinas beauty pageant, hmmm wala bang politiko na?

They also had another article about what I implemented dun sa test page:

No, I’m actually referring to something different. See [this][1] for an example of what I did earlier.But I know how to do it using javascript, I’m not sure if it can be done easily using blogger templates though. Isipin ko muna yun.Pero blogger had an article before about something similar, you might want to look at it:[1]:

ito ba yung may link na “more” sa bottom ng post and you click on it to see the entire post? when you figure it out, pakopya code ha πŸ™‚

Comment by Roy on Schrodinger's Gate

You should hear the conversations we have at home – we often have discussions on economics theory, especially since Vlad was Alvin’s econ teacher this year. πŸ˜€

awww. this entry screams geek. and it runs in the family pa πŸ™‚(geek is meant as a compliment, sometimes geek means cool)

Darn it… I haven’t solved it yet. Must give it time. I think that I might be thinking too hard. Then again, I am not so good at puzzles. It takes me a while to figure them out.A fine example is the puzzle boxes, aka himitsu bako, that Sacha Chua brought to the talk the other day. It took me a while to figure out this certain box. Gyaaah! At least the other one I stumbled upon the solution *laugh*

Well, true… *sigh* Working is something that eats up a lot of people’s times and energies.

Comment by Roy on Books: More Bob Ong

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve been to UP since I started working.Work has this bad habit of eating up free time. If it didn’t pay so well, I wouldn’t work at all!

Good question!Hmmm. Do you still hang out at UP? I go there sometimes to see Mario and incidentally Dave too.

Comment by Roy on Books: More Bob Ong

Sure, I don’t mind, but how would I get them to you? They’re reallycheap though. I bought all three as impulse buys.

I should grab a copy of some of his books. I have always wanted to read some of them. Oh well.Would you lend them to me?! πŸ˜‰

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