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Congrats on the win πŸ™‚I thought about how I would build your sealed deck before I looked at your actual build. My build was very close to yours – just off by two cards. I would’ve gone -1 Assassinate, -1 Runeclaw Bear, +1 Rampant Growth, and +1 Divine Verdict. I like going with consistency over power especially if my deck is already pretty good.Also, in your draft, I’m surprised you didn’t play Armorer Ascension, Gorgon Flail, and Magebane Armor.

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Comment by zhen on Casual Fridays?

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why dress professionally – to look professional since we do carry the company’s name and image.why have dress down days – because it’s weekend and most likely, people may want to have after work activities that formal clothing will not be appropriate for, and having to carry a 2nd set of clothes is such hassle.why have dress down day when the elevators broke down – hell no idea. =D

Comment by Aleks on GPT Bangkok #4 *1st*

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Congrats (again)!But I think the judge was correct. Resolution of Harm’s Way’s effect would only occur after combat damage assignment right? So during assignment, you cannot assign trample damage since there’s not enough damage for it to be lethal.

Comment by Chry on Casual Fridays?

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Yea for dress-how-you-want days. Some people like to dress up; some down. We should just let people decide how they want to come to work.It’s been said that one feels smart if one dresses smart. This probably only works for not-so-intelligent people. πŸ˜›

Comment by Rommel on Casual Fridays?

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After a few years working with lots of different people, I don’t believe in the look better / more professional, get better output. Comfy rules! But of course we gotta look good too, slob look not allowed.

Comment by Cecil on Casual Fridays?

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Yes to dress-down days. Comfort over “professional look”, more specifically to those jobs without much client interaction, and with very unpredictable long hours. Just nothing too sloppy. πŸ™‚

Comment by switch on GPT Bangkok #1 Sealed Pool

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Seems like the Naya is good (Naya-based 5c to max Paragon/Reliquary?), but the Jund seems tighter. No real bombs to speak of (don’t think Archdemon counts, though Knight is close), just a smattering of mana fixing, but I think you can’t ignore the removal in black. Here’s my low-end list:1 Carrion Thrash 1 Court Archers 1 Fleshbag Marauder 1 Grixis Grimblade 1 Jund Battlemage 2 Jund Hackblade 1 Jund Sojourners 1 Marisi’s Twinclaws 1 Monstrous Carabid 2 Naya Hushblade 1 Thunder-Thrash Elder 1 Topan Ascetic 1 Toxic Iguanar 1 Vithian Stinger1 Absorb Vis 1 Armillary Sphere 1 Bituminous Blast 1 Bone Splinters 1 Executioner’s Capsule 1 Exploding Borders 2 Firewild Borderpost 1 Gift of the Gargantuan 1 Sylvan Bounty 1 Yoke of the Damned7 Mountain 3 Forest 4 SwampCritters seem too small to main Fallout, but you can argue to main that against Yoke of the Damned, which hasn’t done much for me.

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Oh okay, I’ll ask just to make sure. I was resigned to the fact that I only get one. Even the FAQ supports this. But you have a point. There’s a period after the untap clause, meaning the extra combat step resolves independently of the “if” condition.

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It’s correct, the 2 Finest Hours will both trigger in the first combat phase of the turn, when they resolve it will still be the first combat step, and they’ll each give you one extra combat step. The only caveat is that you only get to untap a creature at the time the triggers resolve, which is during the first combat step.

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He rules that I’m correct that I’m getting 2 extra combat steps, and my opponent scoops. I later found out that while the ruling was correct, there was some missing information. Reading the card carefully, you’d see that while I would get 2 additional combat steps, I would only get to untap the Rhox War Monk during the first combat step!—- I play Finest Hour too. However, I’m unsure about the judge’s ruling about this.

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Roy, your opening seven only mentioned 6 cards. What’s the last card?But still, it was a gamble. Unfortunately, your opponent had a spot removal.Any summary of the first game of the Top8 match?

Comment by roy on Standard on Mar 28

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I think there were about 6 other people playing 5-color control. Faeries konti lang. Lots of R/W decks, even though I only faced one.

Comment by Benj on Standard on Mar 28

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Congrats on the great performance, and for winning the PR passes. Weird that you didn’t come across any Blightning deck… is the meta in Galleria really control-heavy?

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i did something like that the one and only time i’ve been to HK. its different no? although it was my first time there, i wasnt scared of anything happening. well, mostly i did walk along busy streets. but it was rare that a street is empty. its teeming with night markets and shops and all.ginawa mo nang quiapo ang hk a.

Comment by Jaime on I Hate Trading

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While admittedly, I’ve never been a good player per se, I have to agree with this post 100%. I really preferred the online magic tools that allowed you to play and make your own deck. But they’ve never really been able to catch up to the most recent cards, and they never have a following as good as MTG played IRL.

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