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Comment by ogie jaro on GPT Bangkok 4

hi, i chanced upon your site a couple of months back and just would like to say that i really like your work, you should consider submitting articles for nganyway from a quick scan of your pool, i think you have a viable UW tempo optionhave a nice day

That’s probably a good idea, but not really something that’s an option with the company I’m in. You know the deal – I’d need all sorts of authorizations to be able to subcontract someone, it’s not worth it, especially for a simple task that would take me an hour or two to figure out.Besides, the post isn’t really about how to get things done, but rather the value of technical problem-solving skill to a software developer, and my own usual approaches to it.

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Hmm.. you’ve overlooked the motivational force of money and the power of sub- contracting.Rome was not built in a day, nor was it built by a single pair of hands.If you know what the problem is or at very least the desired objective, you’ll find skilled people lining up to work on your project at most of the various freelance developer sites.Of course if you’re asking someone to build the next super web framework they’ll expect a kings ransom and most likely never finish.

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Better late than never?You bumped into IE’s “Same Origin Policy” security protocol.If you use .hta (Microsoft’s HTML Application extension) you can bypass it.You’ll need to crawl the microsoft dev center a bit to find out how to properly initialize an .hta in a chromeless IE browser window.. but it’s worth the effort for future reference.Otherwise you can use firefox tamper data plugin or a greasemonkey hack to bypass firefox’s SOP, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

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I am attempting something very similar – writing a game engine for Magic: The Gatering in .NET 2.0 with C#.My project has been dorment for a while do to a demanding project at work, but I think an evendour like this is very worthwile.Don’t give up on the project, and try and keep us updated of the progress πŸ˜‰

Comment by noems on Hong Kong Saga, Part Three

hey! nasa hongkong ka pa ba? if you’re not after the parks and the shopping (specifically for clothes) edi go shopping for toys! πŸ™‚hanap ka nung dyecast (tama ba?) initial D na cars or transformers! or, kung ayaw mo bumili for you… bili ka for me at babayaran na lang kita. hehehewent to HK last year 3 days work, another 2 days for leisure. i spent one whole day in disneyland and 1 whole day in Ocean Park.

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Comment by Roy on Spider-man 3

Peng: Yeah, there probably won’t be a Spider-man 4 after this, seeing how they tried to cram so much into this movie. I wonder if the DVD version will be longer?Art: If you no longer have time to watch Spider-man on the big screen, then I fear for your soul my friend. :pMike: I don’t actually watch House.

Comment by Roy on Wowowee

You caught me. I’m not actually the free-wheeling happy-go-lucky schmuck I pretend to be. I tend to overthink a lot of things, which means sometimes I’moverly critical. That being said, I only watched said shows because I was stuck in a room with people who were watching it. I’d never actually watch it on purpose, sexy girls or no. Something else that annoyed me: Some of the multiple-choice questions on Wowowee used to filter out contestants are actually kinda hard trivia questions, the sort where you have to be a bit familiar with the particular domain of the question to answer.

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Comment by peng on Spider-man 3

i’s kind of like x-men 3 where the sequel did not disappoint and was more intent in tying up loose ends. the people i watched it with said spoiler alert venom should’ve been harder to get rid of/stronger as a villain. after he becomes venom, i sorta lost the topher grace= eric foreman thing. gotta love those teeth.

Comment by yebah on Wowowee

wow. that’s pretty profound for something so lame-o. i actually watch eat bulaga over lunch and don’t give much thought to it. if at all, i watch it for cindy kurleto and pauleen luna. the eb babes would’ve been cute but they dance horribly, and the sex bombs are only there every other day of the week.

Comment by yebah on Spider-man 3

haven’t watched it. and probably won’t have the time to. so ill wait for the dvd.i have to agree with you though, these kinda films are the type you watch for the fight scenes and the graphics.

Comment by switch on Spider-man 3

Makes me wonder, because I realize that Topher Grace did play the lead on That 70’s Show, but Eric Foreman is also the name of the doctor played by Omar Epps in House.

Comment by peng on Simplicity

you know, i don’t know if being that open is a good or a bad thing. i cannot for the life of me keep anger inside or at bay. while i am “inis” it comes out as rants then disappears. healthy for me, i guess, but for other people who have to bear with the grumpy, growling penguin? good luck on that lovelife quest. hehe.

Comment by Roy on Simplicity

I guess I still am pretty much an introvert, albeit a loud one. Never talaga ako nagiipon ng galit, kahit nuong HS pa tayo. In my opinion if you have a problem, either it’s worth talking about it or you should just let it go. πŸ™‚

Comment by peng on Simplicity

killer last paragraph there. i agree wholeheartedly. i always thought you as the introvert, pero di ka pala nagiipon ng galit. good for you.

Comment by peng on An Uneventful Holy Week

i’ve stopped watching heroes. too slow for my low eq. i don’t see how they are going to defeat sylar if peter does not stop being such a wuss.

Despite having a copy of the entire first season of Prison Break in the house since last year, I have yet to watch a single episode. I don’t have time to marathon it. Funny stuff takes priority (usually anime) before serious stuff. And 24 > Heroes > Prison Break, so last priority sya hehe.

namatay naman si Jack ah,… for a few minutes nga lang. hehe db? the season when david palmer was assassinated? i like Heroes. sayang ung nabili ko na pirated hanggang ep 17 lang, pero i was able to watch ep 18 on dailymotion. you should check out the official website also, to see the interactive novels/comics. ganda. plus it gives the story more meaning. have you seen Prison Break? the first time my heart pounded from the suspense was while watching Runaway Jury.

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Comment by noemi on 300

too hyped in fact that during the first few minutes i found myself anticipating for the scenes that will make me go wow (and i hate it when that happens ‘cuz even if the film is good, i sometimes feel dissatisfied)

Hi Ruby, I wish I could help you out but I no longer have any of the review material I used. I would recommend that you check out some of the sample exams or past exams (there should be some that are downloadable from the jitse website I think), as these should help you greatly. The scope of the exam is rather wide, I understand it covers a lot of Computer Science stuff (I’m no ComSci grad so I don’t know how accurate that is), there were questions on terminology, algorithms, software engineering concepts, etc.

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Comment by Roy on The Miracle PC

Nah, I found it really it was bad memory. (The mem test that came with Ubuntu really helped)I removed one of the 256MB pieces and Ubuntu works fine now (although I now have only 256MB of memory left). Windows XP cannot boot at all, I guess one of the files really did become corrupted. So I’m now a 100% linux user (at least for the PC in my room)

hi… i would like to know if you had with you the booklet when you took the exam? the questionnaire..actually, i have no idea what would be scope of the exam. i was just informed that i’ll be taking the exam..i only have 1 week to go..i have no time to review..can you help me?

Scan for malware perhaps? Sounds like something was trying to hide a dll and the boot sector from the OS to me – of course I could just be paranoid.

Thanks Peng. I’ve already told them I’m willing to go, but asked for assurance that I would have internet at home when I’m there. πŸ˜€ Don’t know if it will push through…

Comment by peng on Should I Go Across The World?

wow! good luck making a decision.enlarging your comfort zone is always a good thing πŸ™‚

Comment by J David on New Year 2007

Wow, not many people can fulfill their new year’s resolution. Good for you with that one!Now as for this year, you have got a pretty vague one going… maybe that will make it easier to achieve πŸ™‚

Comment by Roy on Heroes

Lol… NP, I already have the second ep here, just haven’t had time to watch it yet.

Comment by peng on Heroes

supah hiro is my favorite too! i love how he nonchalantly explained that he “teleporto” to NY like “star trek” when interrogated by police.oooppps… just realized you’ve only seen the pilot. so i guess this is a sorta spoiler.

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Comment by Roy on 06 Jan 2002

Sorry guys, I don’t know if I still have the files. If I find them, I’ll post them on this website.

Comment by lenard on 06 Jan 2002

hi! excuse me, where could i get the copy of your ece reviewer… or pls send it to my mail… . thank you for your time…

goodwork guys and thank you for having Cueshe inULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC album i realy realy appreciate thatim Jacky proud to be Cueshean (“;)

As a developer who regularly talks with users, I believe it is our responsibility to help users express what they want. This is not just about writing specs and having them sign it.It is also an issue of expections. Developers sometimes (or oftentimes?) assume that users know the capabilities and limitations of a program and that these things should not be discussed with the users.We also need to be creative in helping users understand what we are trying to build.

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There’s a suiko 5 already? One of the last games I’ve played (before I’ve retired from gaming) was Suikoden 2… speaking of, heavily scripted games such as Xenosaga can be a bit of turn off too… πŸ™‚

Pinoy nga yung #ubuntu-ph. it’s the loco channel πŸ˜‰Amarok is impressive. I tried it when Mandrake 10.1 OR came out. Astig! May live cd pa nga na basically Amarok talaga yung ffeature πŸ˜‰ Check it out on distrowatch πŸ˜€As for desktop environments. you could opt for which one everytime you login. Everything is just a sudo apt-get install away. I personally recommend XFCE πŸ˜‰ Looks sleek and it’s light πŸ˜€

I was looking at the screens, and I seemed to like KDE better, don’t know why. Hmm… can I have both, and switch on the fly or something?I got Amarok to work after awhile… turned out I was doing something wrong with updating the gstreamer update.I’ll check out XMMS, but I’m really quite impressed with Amarok so far… it’s got some things going for it that Winamp doesn’t.Thanks for the heads up… luckily, since I’m still just toying around with the ubuntu install, I don’t care much if anyone hijacks root or whatnot =pWhenever I boot into kubuntu, I’m on #kubuntu on freenode… although #ubuntu- ph sounds better, para Pinoy hehe

I love Stainless Longganisa! I got inspired to write about my dream to get published. Hahaha. still have to return Switch’s The Fifth Elephant (T Pratchett). It’s good! πŸ˜€

I am more of a GNOME person πŸ˜›Yeah, you need some plugins.XMMS is the closest thing you could get to Winamp, btw. You could even use the old skins of WinAmp (Classic skins is the name… If they have .wsz at the name, rename it to .zip and it would work πŸ˜‰ Real neat huh?)Beep and XMMS have no problems playing mp3s out of the box.I don’t really use the GUIfied stuff to play media.

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I skimmed over the link, and my first thought was: those guys need more micro!I think the same applies to the Wowowee people.

Comment by dave on Deadly Noontime Shows

Ei Roy,This actually made me think of one of those Discovery programs I saw a while back, about how the Battle Of Agincourt during the Hundred Years war may actually have been the French being defeated by themselves and the terrain rather than any special prowess of the English (although it probably helped to have arrows raining down on them, even if the arrows couldn’t penetrate their armor). a crowd gets to a certain size, nothing is as dangerous as their interaction with barriers around them.

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As an additional note, it’s not even limited to work-related stuff. I think this way even for stuff *outside* of work.At any one time I have several personal projects I want to push through with, a lot of stuff I want to try, stuff I want to read, etc.Now that I think about, the way I handle the work stuff is a lot better than how I handle the non-work stuff.

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Eh, I’m fine.I wrote this towards the end of a particularly heavy week. While what I do everyday closely approximates what I wrote here, it seldom reaches the stress levels that the essay could imply.In the case of promotions, your concern is unneeded, as there’s really no such thing as a *promotion* in our company which has a flat hierarchy thingy. Besides, one of my roles in the current project is Technical Lead, which means that it actually *is* my job to handle technical questions within the project.

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Ei Roy,While it’s kewl that you can handle the stress of fielding all those “help me” calls, that’s not a healthy company practice… Well, it’s certainly got good and bad going for it. It’s good because everyone realizes how utterly indispensable you are, so you’ll never be fired. Other stuff too.I think tho’ that there’s more bad than good in it… There’s the stress, which is one thing. And there’s also the probability that this role you have assumed will make the bosses pass you over for promotions because you’ll be considered too valuable where you are for doing stuff that’s not formally yours to do (unless it’s really part of your job description to be techno fire fighter).

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You misunderstand, I only had one wisdom tooth taken out; the rest were just there and ripe for the picking :pAnd yeah, no word verification. I don’t think I get enough hits for me to be comment-spam worthy :p

Ouch. Usually the wisdom teeth are taken out _one_ at a time.It’s a good thing you had the weird-angle one removed, though. Over time it would probably have caused fractures in the rest of your teeth.P.S.: No word verification option for comments? πŸ™‚

Comment by Anonymous on 06 Jan 2002

roy can i know were 2 find the ece reviewer that you have tnx url?.. or email it to me at tnx!!

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